Let's Talk About "Illegals"

April 5, 2011

It seems that Governor Fitial is obsessed with what he perceives as "illegals."  He claims that there are 3,000 illegal aliens in the CNMI!

Another article in the Marianas Variety today quotes him as defining "illegals." It states that his administration is also keeping an eye on those who are harboring "illegals." Fitial claimed "some are holding management positions in the private sector." (I guess this means some who are harboring "illegals.")  So, who are they? Why the big secret?

Here's something that this administration should keep its eye on –– how about concentrating on all of the criminal employers who have ILLEGALLY not paid their employees or have ripped off thousands of workers to the tune of $6.1 million and counting?   The governor know some of these criminal employers because I saw photos of them at Covenant and anti-federalization rallies; some are employed by the government.  Go after those "illegals!"

How about concentrating on the current ILLEGAL employers engaged in theft of wages including the Tinian Dynasty, the Rota Hotel and Casino, and the employer of the nurses who are working at the CNMI health centers? Why isn't the administration going after these people actively engaged in ILLEGAL activities?

If a person robs a store or a bank, they are arrested, but if an employer robs an employer they walk and the victim is mocked. Why is that okay?

How about getting someone in the OAG to arrest the former rogue cop who beat a Chinese foreign worker? Isn't that violent act ILLEGAL?  How about arresting the man who threatened to kill Rabby Syed? Isn't that ILLEGAL? Furthermore, these crimes fall within the realm of the local control, unlike the concern of so-called "illegal" aliens that the governor is focused on.


Anonymous said...

Ironic isn't it? The Feds will go after the illegals in the CNMI. It makes no difference why they remain. Thousands of families are deported out of the US each month, including US citizen children. Remember that Federal takeover was heavily lobbied by Miller, Stayman and countless vigils. Those same CWs in the candlelight vigils may very well be deported by the DHS in the very near future.

The Saipan Blogger said...

If they went after those illegals, then the federalization of labor and immigration wouldn't be necessary. Seeing as they don't, I guess you could argue that they are asking for it.

Anonymous said...

A court of law does not operate like a blog, where it is so easy to blame and seek to "hold accountable" the CNMI government for alien scammers who abused their fellow countrymen and have long since fled the jurisdiction with unpaid debts all around, including taxes, hospital bills, and other losses to the CNMI government exceeding wages that the workers were stiffed.

It will be interesting to see how these "defenses" and rationalizations play out in the U.S. Immigration Court on Saipan, if the lawyer of any overstayer facing removal is foolhardy enough to make such arguments.

Anonymous said...

Noni 2:33

Stiffing anyone is illegal. Criminals should be prosecuted. Her point is that there is a double standard in the NMI. Some crimes are persecuted and "looked at" and some are totally ignored. Stealing is stealing and hundreds of CNMI employers are thieves. I agree with the points in the post. The points have nothing to do with immigration court, but with selective and racist prosecution of criminals in the Marianas. I agree that the criminal employers should be convicted of their crimes and made to pay back their employees every penny that they owe!

the teacher said...

Death to tyrants.

Anonymous said...

Where is the crime in overstaying a visa? It is an administrative violation, but it is not a crime. The overstayers are about as "illegal" as anyone who's ever gotten a traffic ticket is "illegal." On the other hand, a lot of the stuff that goes down as normal in the CNMI is clearly a crime.

Anonymous said...

It's a little late in the day for that.

With all the vindictive focus on federalization of minimum wages and immigration -- instead of timely federal action against the miscreants or grant funding and assistance for the CNMI to do so -- the statute of limitations against those cheaters has long since expired.

Anonymous said...

I've got a great idea to balance the budget under the Republican controlled House in DC - end federal funding once and for all to insular affairs who cannot account for every dime of it. Then look at those who opened the flood gate to hundreds of thousands of aliens to work in slave garment factories and its support industries but never bothered to enforce any laws, local or federal, against any employer, government official or trafficker that got fat and rich off the sweat of the aliens. Pleese how dare anyone even mention SOL!

Green Cards for All! said...

Don't succumb to the Politics of Envy. As much as everyone else, the U.S. Congress is bound by Due Process, so long as our courts are servants of the Constitution.

You can ignore the limitations period, close your eyes, wish it weren't so, or even bury your head in the sand, but it won't change reality, the facts on the ground.

Some of the defrauded workers did manage to get judgments against their abusers. Given that these former employers have vanished, are dissolved, or are broke ("judgment-proof"), in many cases these claims or court judgments aren't worth the paper they are printed on.

That's why so many caring people are demanding:


The only problem is that Congress is unlikely to pay, given current budget constraints.

So instead, the decent citizens of the Commonwealth should support GREEN CARDS FOR ALL guest workers who have been in the CNMI for 12 or more years, who have endured the "bad old days" before the garment lawsuit and Congressional oversight began the clean-up of the CNMI.

Surely no one contends that abuse of employees was widespread and rampant as recently as five years ago. If so, sue!

Status for FAS IRs! said...

There is a simple solution for the spouses of FAS citizens here in the CNMI to get the unrestricted right to live anywhere in the U.S. forever!

Simply move to the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, or Republic of Palau, to whichever country your husband or wife holds citizenship. Apply for permanent residence in that country, live there five years, and become a naturalized citizen of that country.

Then with a FAS passport, you can live and work anywhere in the U.S.!

Yes, it will take at least five years to achive this status, but not much, if any, economic improvement is likely to happen in the CNMI over the next five years anyway.

And if your taxi business succeeds in Chuuk, you might never want to leave!

Anonymous said...



The Saipan Blogger said...

Hasn't Wendy repeatedly listed the abuses that are going on right now? Do you have the inability to comprehend what you read? Aren't there nurses and casino workers not getting paid right now?

the teacher said...

Nurse, casino workers, hotel staff, waitresses, and many others aren't getting paid in the transition period because they are hoping their jobs earn them time toward improved status when the law as written doesn't.

Green Cards for All! said...

So the advice and promises by “worker advocates” are actually a major cause of worker abuse!

Many thought things couldn't get any worse than all the suffering caused by the December 7, 2007 Unity March, but we were wrong. How ironic. How sad. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Shame, shame, on American soil!

Angelo, haven't you been paying attention that all these “abuses” were supposed to be cured by federalization? Far from it. It is causing “brain drain” in the sending countries, “brain waste” in the U.S., and wholly unsustainable in the long-term, based as it is upon a chauvinistic view of America compared to all the other wonderful societies and cultures worldwide.

Set our guest workers free! Let these hard-working and industrious individuals return to their native lands to rebuild their societies. Enough abuse is enough.

They deserve free (voluntary) repatriation, along with their U.S. citizen children.

Truly open borders might be a wonderful long-term goal, but given our resource-consuming society, America is nowhere near there yet.

Anonymous said...


Nonpayment of wages has nothing to do with worker advocates except that they keep screaming for the employees to get paid. So what are you saying that advocates and the oppressed should just sit and watch the abuses instead of trying to push changes? What they deserve is green cards!

Anonymous said...

The worker advocates' promises of pie-in-the-sky immigration benefits is the major reason unpaid workers keep on accepting the abuse, day after day, week after week, month after month.

Until the trusted advisors level with the guest workers (perhaps after belated issuance of federal CW regulations), they will continue to "hang on" in hopes of "hitting the jackpot."

It is time to come clean, be honest with our guest workers, and encourage the feds to provide free passage back to their native lands, including their U.S. citizen children if requested.

Let us support sustainable communities worldwide!

Wendy said...

Anonymous 2:13

What "worker advocate" are you claiming promised "pie-in-the-sky immigration benefits?" I am sick of truth benders like yourself that make up lies. I am one worker advocate who WORKS (without pay) for change for the workers and I have not and do not make promises. In fact, the only promise I ever made was to work for reform. With so many incompetent and corrupt elected officials who can promise anything?

As far as "hanging on to hit the jackpot" every person has a right to aspire to a better life for themselves and their families.

You ignorantly suggest that the foreign workers and their children be given free passage to their homelands. Who do you think could step into their jobs? Who would pay for this? The employers who can't even pay fair wages? The CNMI government?

What is your suggestion for sustainable communities worldwide? Do you think that if families are sent back to homelands that they haven't seen in decades that they can magically transform their homelands? That is real pie-in-the-sky thinking.