More Bad Bets

April 3, 2011

The Rota Casino has not paid its employees in months and is closing for 30 days according to the Marianas Variety.

Meanwhile Rota Casino and Gaming Commissioners enjoyed a junket to Las Vegas. For what, who knows? Las Vegas is so unlike Rota that any attempt at justifying the trip would be an extreme stretch. Or maybe being a commissioner means that one gets to try out functioning casinos off-island. Who knows?

Just last week that Froilan Tenorio was pushing Saipan casinos again.  The only CNMI casinos are complete busts, but they want to build more! Both the Tinian and Rota hotels and casinos owe their employees many months of back pay. The Rota casino cannot even pay the electric bill.  Isn't that a hint that they are not profitable?

Meanwhile, the governor, the Tinian mayor and some other officials  are scheduled to take a junket to China to visit some casinos there. Bridge Investments invited the officials on the junket that is said to be funded by the Tinian municipality. Apparently the governor could not go since he is still undergoing physical therapy.

The Saipan Tribune reported that the following officials were taking the junket: Senate President Paul Manglona (Ind-Rota), Tinian Legislative Delegation chair Senate Vice President Jude U. Hofschneider (R-Tinian), Sen. Frank Cruz (R-Tinian), and Sen. Henry San Nicolas (Cov-Saipan).  Good luck justifying that trip also!


the teacher said...

Employees should have walked out the first time they didn't get paid. This is a sickening but unfortunatly old story here as the whining workers tells on the employer as a noni on a blog but will not file charges, claims, or quit. It is Oh,oh... I can't leave the employer

Many places in Saipan are abusing this period to dangle the secured job status like a carrot. The fact is, no employer not paying now has any intention of paying the fees and other requirements for a CW or H visa and this is a stall in the interim.

Wendy said...

Yes, the employers are still dangling the employment carrot, as they have for decades. The fact is that employees can't walk out. They have no where to walk, no ticket, no money, and no place to go. They have invested too much.

What should happen? What should have happened to EVERY CRIMINAL EMPLOYER who did NOT pay their employees? THEY SHOULD BE ARRESTED for theft and put in jail. The reason that employers in the CNMI fail to pay their employees is because there have been and are NO consequences for STEALING from the employees. The law enforcement officials are responsible. THEY HAVE FAILED MISERABLY, and there must be reparations.

Anonymous said...

Teacher is right.

Are these adults or not? Why is it that every time CWs are mentioned they sound like children who must be taken care of by Mother Wendy or their Father Employer. Good grief, walk away from your job if you aren't getting paid. Do these people really believe that life in the US is easier? Ha! Companies in the US and their managers would care less if ten thousand of their Filipino staff were thrown out onto the streets of DC in December. They simply would not care. Grow up already. Life's a bitch.

Anonymous said...

6:38 Life is a bitch, and so are you...

Grow up? Bet you are a US citizen with a nice job. May you experience the trials of a OCW so you can develop a heart and understanding.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 6:18

Theft of wages is a criminal act. The employees have a right to complain and the law enforcement has a duty to arrest the thieves. A crime is a crime. Now would you like to explain why you are attacking victims and excusing the criminals?

the teacher said...

I know people must be in a tough position but they have a responsibility to report non-payment, otherwise the exploiters will profit from the transition period. It is no wonder they want to extend it and extend the umbrella permits.

Wendy said...

Hi Ron,

I agree. Did you know that most are reporting the nonpayment of wages and nothing is being done? Look at the $6.1 million unpaid wages in administrative orders. All of those employees reported their employers' theft of wages and orders were issued in their favor, yet they remain unpaid. The Tinian Dynasty, Rota Hotel and Casino and nurses have reported nonpayment of wages to several agencies. why aren't the employers in jail?

Extension of umbrella permits is a bad idea since the CNMI has disrespected the federal officials interpretation of them and confusion remains.

the teacher said...

Extending the umbrellas or transition period shouldn't be considered. The investor visa regs will clean up alot of these non-payment issues. I don't think local citizens are the root of the problem, in most cases that I can think of or name, it is a foreign national operator or even a former guest worker operating a business, exploiting workers on the theory that his/her job will protect their immigration status or that they will be able to pay their visa fees through the illegal investors business. The investor visa regs will stop that.

TAGLISH said...

6:18 Are you one of those UNSCRUPULOUS EMPLOYERS? Sounds like you are or your family members are?
In the 1st place, EMPLOYER LIKE YOU should not be running a business if you don’t have the resources and basic principle to operate it. Why hire people to help you? Why pull the wool over somebody’s eyes? You are nothing but a SWINDLER!!

Hard times like this, poor people are becoming more defenseless, so open to dangers and YOU SHARKS know that very well. YOU CRIMINALS are the real players here, taking advantage of the situation. YOU CROOKS know that this is a lawless place. Some of YOU ROBBERS are here for years, complaining that you are losing or not profiting any, so why are YOU THIEVES still here? If it’s not for YOU DEVIOUS employers, these CWs won’t be here.

YOU FELLONS hired these CWs, benefited from their sweat and blood so PAY THEM!!

YOU CHEATERS don’t need CWs, so FIRE them, it’s easy as 1-2-3!!! DON’T MAKE PROMISES!!!

Anonymous said...

Federalization was supposed to stop all these labor abuses.

At least, that's what Rep. George Miller (D-Martinez, CA) and Deputy Assistant Secretary David Barrett Cohen told everyone.

Now wee see that the shut-down of the CNMI garment industry by Congressional refusal to lower the 50% CNMI local content valuation requirement was merely an exercise of vindictive naked political power, guest workers and locals be damned.

And how much better are all those garment workers at other factories being treated abroad?


the teacher said...

Noni 9:31 "Federalization was supposed to stop all these labor abuses.

At least, that's what Rep. George Miller (D-Martinez, CA) and Deputy Assistant Secretary David Barrett Cohen told everyone."

And I think federalization will stop or greatly reduce labor abuse but federalization has been stalled by the umbrella permits. If the law is not extended, I don't expect labor abuse to be our primary societal concern in 2014 like it was in the past.

I will agree with part of your comment that the textile industry could have been protected and the NMI could have prospered from it had the industry not been greedy, planned for an industry operated by local citizens beyond China's entry, and had they received sound advice from their flunkies and yes men/women.

Had we escalated the minimum wage, trained locals in the industry, built infrastructure to last, and accurately assessed the market, we could have made Saipan a global leader instead of international acclaim as crooks, cheats, and exploiters.

Anonymous said...

One should always listen to one's teacher . . .

Anonymous said...

Teacher & 6:18: don't know what they talking about... if you type something better have time to review and think before publishing before hurriedly go to your work!