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April 27, 2011

Juvenile Detention Center Now Under DOC

The troubled Juvenile Detention Center that was under the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs is now under the CNMI Department of Corrections.  Governor Fitial issued a 3-page executive order to detail the transfer.

It seems like a logical move.

In recent years the center has been involved in lawsuits for violating laws related to

Recently JDC guard Tyrone Fitial was accused of sexually assaulting three female children who were detained at the center.  He pleaded guiltyto the charge of enticement of a minor and he will be sentenced in a few months.

The question remains have the ongoing problems been resolved? Has a school teacher been assigned to teach at the center as is required by law?

Go Green

If a "compromise cannot be reached" over the erection of the ugly power poles in the historical Marpi tourist site, Rep. Stanley Torres suggested painting them green,  Whoa...how would that solve the problem?

The poles are not just an eyesore that scars a pristine tourist and historical site, but erecting them must have meant trees had to be removed.  Furthermore, they are truly unnecessary.  Wires could have been placed underground or alternative energy sources such a solar or wind could have been used to bring power to the cemeteries in the area.

I live in a small community in the City of Orlando and we have underground wires for electricity and telephone.  Not only does it look great, but when Hurricane Charlie and three other hurricanes slammed into Central Florida one after another in 2004, the neighborhoods with overhead wires and poles had no electricity for weeks. The time and cost to replace poles and wires was enormous.

We lost every grandfather oak tree (two that were over six feet in diameter) that fell magically like match sticks away from our house, but we never lost power or phone service.

It seems illogical to erect overhead power lines on a typhoon-prone island where surely they will face destruction.  Check out this photo of huge power poles that fell in Hurricane Charlie. The photo, taken of Lake Margaret Drive, is only one street away from our street:

Think how much it will cost to replace the poles on Marpi after a typhoon and how the beauty of the region and money could be saved by putting lines underground.

Police Brutality

Former Saipan police officer, Frankie Pangelinan who pepper sprayed two victims in their eyes wants more time to "prepare for his trial." Meanwhile the former police officer Jesse Dubrall, who severely beat an innocent Chinese worker has still not been charged.


The Saipan Blogger said...

It's not just the powerpoles, it is the development they allow.