Someone Should Tell the Donald: "YOU'RE FIRED!"

April 27, 2011

It is probably hard to count how many conservative Republican officials and hate radio and television talk show hosts have profited off of the lie that President Obama is not qualified to be President because he was not born in the United States.  Despite the President and his staffers denying the charges and producing a copy of his birth certificate, these crazies kept promoting the lie.

Today the President, responded to the lies by producing a copy of his certificate.

A transcript of his remarks was released by the White House website:

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 27, 2011
Remarks by the President

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

9:48 A.M. PDT

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. Now, let me just comment, first of all, on the fact that I can't get the networks to break in on all kinds of other discussions -- (laughter.) I was just back there listening to Chuck -- he was saying, it’s amazing that he’s not going to be talking about national security. I would not have the networks breaking in if I was talking about that, Chuck, and you know it.

Q Wrong channel. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: As many of you have been briefed, we provided additional information today about the site of my birth. Now, this issue has been going on for two, two and a half years now. I think it started during the campaign. And I have to say that over the last two and a half years I have watched with bemusement, I've been puzzled at the degree to which this thing just kept on going. We've had every official in Hawaii, Democrat and Republican, every news outlet that has investigated this, confirm that, yes, in fact, I was born in Hawaii, August 4, 1961, in Kapiolani Hospital.

We've posted the certification that is given by the state of Hawaii on the Internet for everybody to see. People have provided affidavits that they, in fact, have seen this birth certificate. And yet this thing just keeps on going.

Now, normally I would not comment on something like this, because obviously there’s a lot of stuff swirling in the press on at any given day and I've got other things to do. But two weeks ago, when the Republican House had put forward a budget that will have huge consequences potentially to the country, and when I gave a speech about my budget and how I felt that we needed to invest in education and infrastructure and making sure that we had a strong safety net for our seniors even as we were closing the deficit, during that entire week the dominant news story wasn’t about these huge, monumental choices that we're going to have to make as a nation. It was about my birth certificate. And that was true on most of the news outlets that were represented here.

And so I just want to make a larger point here. We've got some enormous challenges out there. There are a lot of folks out there who are still looking for work. Everybody is still suffering under high gas prices. We're going to have to make a series of very difficult decisions about how we invest in our future but also get a hold of our deficit and our debt -- how do we do that in a balanced way.

And this is going to generate huge and serious debates, important debates. And there are going to be some fierce disagreements -- and that’s good. That’s how democracy is supposed to work. And I am confident that the American people and America’s political leaders can come together in a bipartisan way and solve these problems. We always have.

But we’re not going to be able to do it if we are distracted. We’re not going to be able to do it if we spend time vilifying each other. We’re not going to be able to do it if we just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts. We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.

We live in a serious time right now and we have the potential to deal with the issues that we confront in a way that will make our kids and our grandkids and our great grandkids proud. And I have every confidence that America in the 21st century is going to be able to come out on top just like we always have. But we’re going to have to get serious to do it.

I know that there’s going to be a segment of people for which, no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest. But I’m speaking to the vast majority of the American people, as well as to the press. We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do. We’ve got big problems to solve. And I’m confident we can solve them, but we’re going to have to focus on them -- not on this.

Thanks very much, everybody.

9:54 A.M. EDT

Crazy man, Donald Trump spoke to the press saying how proud he was of himself because he was the one who got the President to show his birth certificate. What an idiot! He wasted the President's time, lied to the American people and the press, and made himself look like a fool. Something to be proud of? Uh, no.

What ridiculous rumor or conspiracy theory will they toss out next to detract the American public and elected officials from important issues?


It's not your money! said...

Trump is not a serious candidate, and never will be. Any support of his candidacy only shows how desperate the Republicans are to find a man or woman who isn't a total dingbat. If they can stifle the birthers and tea-partiers, Romney might have a shot, but that's a very big "if." Independents don't like Obama much, but they will probably vote for him again next year in the absence of a serious Republican candidate.

The Saipan Blogger said...

Funny thing is, John McCain was born in Panama.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

NOW, from what is visible, you can see the difference between the last Birth Certificate that was posted.
This one seems to have all of the info, AND unlike the first one posted, has the correct numerical code sequence matches the era of other Hawaii birth Certificates. (Example; 61 NOT 1961)
But at any rate no matter where this guy was born, his mother was a US Cit. so he is a US Cit.

Since I had never payed attention to this whole thing in the past. (until the first supposed copy of his birth certificate was posted on this forum)
I am confused about one point on this whole controversy though.
Is the law saying that a US President has to be physically born on US Soil?
Or is the law saying that he/she has to be a US Cit. non naturalized? (or something like that?)
Since McCain was born abroad on a US military base and both his parents were US Cit. that seemed to end the controversy.

Anonymous said...

yep, there are calls for the Donald to be fired:

Anonymous said...

Ah, Donald will disappear like a warm summer breeze. He will be a pundit, a talking head. Just part of the background noise of our culture. A culture that values flash over substance and does not recognize reality from a reality show. The old Soma, TV. The new Sona, Internet. The future Soma? Acclimating our lives to view as we go down the ladder of prosperity into the stagant air of scarcity and crisis.