CNMI Witch Hunts

May 19, 2011

Deanne Siemer, Governor Fitial’s "volunteer", filed a Reply to the Defendants Opposition to Plaintiff’s Motion to Compel in the FOIA lawsuit that Siemer and CNMI Attorney Teresa Kim filed against the Department of Interior and Ombudsman Pamela Brown.

It is an attempt to support Siemer’s vendetta against the Department of Interior and the Ombudsman’s Office that has been ongoing for at least 6 years. Siemer suggests that the ombudsman has a crystal ball, claiming that the Ombudsman Office destroyed unnecessary papers because the office staff somehow knew that there would be a FOIA request asking for them. I'm guessing the only thing any DOI official has ever been able to predict is more witch hunts and attacks by the Fitial Administration and CNMI DOL

The reply continually suggests that the intake papers were "federal records" although it is clear that they were intake forms used to create the federal report or record.  Just like any notes written to create a final report, these forms were destroyed. In fact, they were destroyed before the FOIA request was filed.

The reply also suggests that the tallies of illegal aliens were inaccurate. Siemer states that Ombudsman Pam Brown's number of illegals was far less than the CNMI's number. Is she serious? The governor once shouted that protesting nonresidents were all illegals and told them to go home. DOL is constantly terminating labor cases and appeals and transferring the cheated workers' names to the illegal list the department then shares with ICE agents.

Siemer also stated that she felt the ombudsman listed too many aliens as being in the CNMI five or more years stating, "A significant incentive existed at the time of the census to report residence for five years or more because Ms. Brown has advocated and widely publicized a proposal to admit to U.S. citizenship all aliens in the Commonwealth who have resided there for five years."

Huh? Is Siemer suggesting that if the U.S. Congress granted status to all aliens who resided in the CNMI for five or more years that records to confirm the length of time that they have been in the CNMI would not be checked? Is this even a real argument?

Someone needs to ask the volunteer why she needs intake forms if the DOL already has statistics and data.

Read Siemer's latest filing:

Deportation Terminated
Since the federal government took control of  immigration in the CNMI, the Fitial Administration's "volunteer" Deanne Siemer and former Department of Labor Deputy Secretary Kaipat have been hell bent on deporting legal nonresidents. They have had nonstop fights with the U.S. Department of Interior officials and DHS officials over who maintains control of permits and who is and is not legal.

From debates about umbrella permits to bragging about giving ICE "lists" of nonresidents who should be deported, these mean-spirited officials have relentlessly attacked nonresidents.

Umbrella permits were controversial from the beginning because they were intended to act as an immigration permit, but were issued by the Department of Labor in a plan devised by Deanne Siemer. Kaipat admitted that DOL had no written authority to issue the permits saying, "By making an informal agreement with the Division of Immigration, which is not in writing, Labor has not delegated any of its authority to the AG."

November 18, 2009 Attorney General Ed Buckingham issued a Delegation of Authority regarding umbrella permits, including umbrella permits for overstayers. Under that document, the Director of Immigration was authorized to issue permits to overstayers on a case-by-case-humanitarian reasons including duration of residency in the CNMI, existence of U.S. citizen dependents, and duration of out of status period.

Guest worker groups and the federal ombudsman were assisting overstayers with getting their umbrella permits processed.

On November 25, 2009 AG Buckingham issued a public notice granting "conditional umbrella permits" to 628 nonresidents labeled by DOL as overstayers.  An "overstayer", by DOL's definition includes nonresidents with active labor and/or court cases and those who were robbed of wages by their unscrupulous employers. Apparently Siemer, Kaipat and Governor Fitial opposed his action, and on November 29, 2009 (after the federal law went into effect and the CNMI no longer had immigration authority) Buckingham and DOL issued a joint statement backtracking on the action. It was too late to take undo what had been done.

The CNMI DOL compiled a list of "deportable" aliens that was sent to ICE on March 9, 2010.  In March 2011, Governor Fitial announced that there were 3,000 overstayers and they need "to be deported."

One nonresident worker, Danilo Rejano, who had been labeled as an "overstayer" by DOL, was arrested in November 2009 as he waited in line at DOL for an umbrella permit. He was jailed and then released by order of Superior Court Associate Judge Wiseman. His name was among those on AG Buckingham's list of nonresidents labeled as "overstayers" who were granted umbrella permits.

Attorney Stephen Woodruff defended Danilo Rejano who was referred to DHS for deportation. Judge Dayna Beamer of the U.S. immigration Court on Saipan terminated the deportation procedures.

The judge stated:
"The Court finds that the DHS's evidence when carefully considered, has less probative weight than Respondent's evidence. It does not effectively rebut Respondent's evidence at Exhibit 3, which stated that he was granted an umbrella permit that is still in effect. First, because the referenced joint statement was not provided, and second, because the list of names on the Department of Labor Certification of Illegal Status document was authored well after November 28, 2009 and was not otherwise verified as being accurate.
Therefore, the Court finds that the Respondent has demonstrated that he is not presently removable..."
Why would DHS consider any letter, document or correspondence provided by the CNMI DOL witch hunters to be accurate? Just like the FOIA case Siemer is pursuing, in this case the issue of time is a problem.

Attorney Woodruff told Unheard No More, "The significance of this decision is that Attorney General Buckingham's grant of status to so-called "overstayers" has full force and effect for all the persons on that list, notwithstanding the CNMI's decision not to further process the individuals on the list (and thus not to enforce the conditions) and notwithstanding post-federalization attempts by some in the CNMI government to weasel out of that action (and to attempt to continue to assert immigration authority after Congress had expressly taken that authority away)."

Read the Judge's ruling:


TAGLISH said...

Thank you, Wendy! I just want you to know that your help to us is very much appreciated. CW’s can’t thank you enough for all the hard work and untiring support you have given to us. I have nothing to pay you back for your kindness but I strongly believe in prayers. Prayers please God. You and your family are in my prayers to give you wisdom and strength to pursue your advocacy. I truly admire people like you because I can not do what you’re doing.

Anonymous said...

How many more scams and schemes do we of the CNMI have to suffer at the hands of siemer? Retire before someone decides to drop a house on you.

Between her and Bucky, this place really must be a joke in DC circles. Just what we want from our volunteers and ags.

Siemer is like Dr. Frankenstein, she just cannot believe her creation, or so she claims in her testimony in the FOIA case, has turned into a monster.

Get over yourself and have some dignity for a change. You too Bucky - lying about firing of Mike is just one of so many lies that it is hard to keep track anymore.