May 2, 2011

News is that  some people think "not everyone was heard in the Marpi court hearings." No kidding. Isn't that why the Friends of Marpi took the CNMI to court? Wasn't it because they started sticking up ugly poles on a national historical site without having a hearing?

Anyway, congratulations to the Friends of Marpi for their victory in securing a 90-day injunction after two days of evidentiary hearings.

The Marianas Variety quoted former Rep. Tina Sablan:
“We are very pleased as well as relieved with the court’s decision to grant the preliminary injunction, and we appreciate the court’s encouragement to both parties to come together for meaningful discussions over the next 90 days. We hope that the government will finally begin conducting public hearings and considering the full range of alternatives that can meet the needs of the cemetery without compromising the beauty and integrity of the Marpi area.”

“Many thanks to all the members of the community who have united in the effort to keep Marpi beautiful. Let’s continue to write letters and express our concerns to our elected officials, and let’s also be sure to participate in any public hearings or meetings that may arise.”


Anonymous said...

It would be helpful if the Friends of Marpi could provide you file-stamped copies of the Complaint, Opposition to Removal, First Amended Complaint, and Motion for Preliminary Injunction, or any other important pleadings, for you to upload.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to discern whether the lack of public input is due to active efforts by the government to cover up and do things on the sly as "spoils" to supporters, or whether there is simply a lot of public apathy and media incompetence.

Ruth Tighe is always complaining about the dismal showing at public hearings, which are seldom covered by our "aggressive" reporters. [Sarcasm; they are extremely passive.]

As an example, when is the last time the media has published a list of tax rebates? It was almost 18 years ago that the District Court ordered that this be made public, but year after year the flaccid press has failed to follow up.


It seems quite likely the same thing happened about Marpi. No one cared until Tina belatedly noticed what no one else (especially our "illustrious" reporters) had paid attention to.