Tinian Double Standards

May 21, 2011

Now because no Tinian Dynasty Casino revenue is filling Tinian's coffers and it looks like Tinian Casino Commissioners and municipal employees won't be getting their pay anytime soon, Tinian officials finally have taken notice of the fact that the casino has failed.  In fact, it is most likely going bankrupt, if it is not bankrupt already.

For months some of us have been screaming for action because the TINIAN DYNASTY HAS NOT PAYING ITS EMPLOYEES! No one responded. But when it looks like Tinian municipal employees will not get paid, the Tinian legislators finally realize that this is a crisis. Get a clue. It has been a crisis for the nonresident workers and their families for MONTHS.

What is the message that Senate Vice President Jude Hofschneider, Rep. Henry San Nicolas, Rep. Trenton Conner and Mayor Ramon Dela Cruz are sending? It seems to be that casino commissioners and municipal employees/ money concerns are  significant while the nonpayment of wages of the nonresident workers is not. Where was the outrage eight months ago; a year ago?

Hopefully, the U.S. Department of Labor will sue the Tinian Dynasty and get the wages stolen from the nonresident workers before it goes bankrupt. Some immediate action is in order!


Anonymous said...

What is the situation on Rota in regards to the closed "Casino" there and the Gaming Commissioners being paid (or not)and the Casino employees that were owed money?
Who pays the Gaming Comm? Is it the same as Tinian, from proceeds from the casino Operations?