New Filings in Witch Hunt

June 4, 2011

Attorneys Teresa Kim and Deanne Siemer have filed documents in their Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that further demonstrate that the lawsuit is not truly a FOIA request, but a witch hunt against the U.S. Department of Interior, the Federal Ombudsman Office, and Ombudsman Pamela Brown.

Why pursue documents that do not exist and were not in existence when the FOIA request was made? One can only to conclude that their intent is to continue the never-ending battle with the federal government and to support the Fitial Administration's public objection to the DOI Status Report.

The DOI Report was viewed by the anti-federalization Fitial Administration as a major obstacle in the CNMI government's continuing attempts to maintain local control over immigration and labor of the alien workforce. The Fitial Administration's aim is to ensure that the nonresident workers continue to serve the CNMI's needs as a voiceless, disenfranchised underclass with limited rights.

The documents that Siemer and Kim filed June 3, 2011 in the District Court of the District of Columbia revolve around a motion for leave to file a late declaration by Attorney Teresa Kim.  The declaration by Attorney Kim supports the lie (See The Lie for the truth) that CNMI officials were not consulted before the issuance of the April 2010 Department of Interior Report regarding status for nonresident workers. It also notes that the CNMI government already possesses their own data on the number of aliens. Additionally, it questions the confidentiality of the alien registration conducted by the DOI even though many times the Ombudsman's Office published the fact that all information given to that office is confidential.

The excuse for not making the deadline is the typical "Oh, poor me, CNMI" whine:
I was unable to complete this affidavit before the deadline of opposition to the summary judgment motion made by the Interior Department. We are a very small government at a great distance from the United States. The Commonwealth's economy has suffered a more than 40% decline in GPD over the last four years, and this very severe economic depression has an enormous effort from all senior government officials over the last six months as emergency measures are implemented. I had no notice that the Department of interior would file its summary judgment motion, and we had only a very short time in which to respond. The 14 hour time difference between the Commonwealth and Washington also makes work under this kind of time pressure very difficult.


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Anonymous said...

Ironic that Kim covered up Bucky's election fraud by refusing to publish the OPA report, and Siemer tossed thousand of the workers' DOL files and cases that prove that their employers owe them money. And still, they have the nerve to demand papers that were used to make the spread sheets for the DOI report. What a joke. You're right, it's a witch hunt!

Anonymous said...

Even sadder is that Kim most likely had nothing to do with this screw up of missing a deadline. Witch S is old and senile and forgot the deadline. Missing a filing date is so telling of what an ace attorney this nutcase really is. Fitial is a fool with a joker as his counsel.

Anonymous said...

Two attorneys who blame missing a deadline on a bad economy. Pathetic. I wouldn't want either to represent me. It's not the economy stupid, it's the stupid, stupid.

It's not your money! said...

It's the old, "the economy ate my homework" excuse, a favorite of third graders.