June 19, 2011

A Saipan Tribune story reports that, as suspected,  an OPA report concluded that AG Buckingham violated the law in his underhanded and unethical election scandal activities last year.  (See Election Gate posts for the whole story.) From the Tribune:
The governor, in an interview on Friday night, said OPA's report on the investigation it conducted on Buckingham's presence at the gathering indicated that Buckingham violated the law.

But Fitial said Buckingham did not violate any law.

The governor said he need not release the OPA report, released in December.

“Buckingham did not violate any law. The report says that he violated. So I proved that he did not violate,” Fitial said.

When asked by Saipan Tribune how the governor arrived at the conclusion that the AG did not violate any law, the governor responded: “Because there's no law barring what Buckingham did.”

This, he said, was contained in his response to the OPA report.

He said OPA responded back.

“Very, very disrespectful,” Fitial said, when asked about OPA's response.
I suppose many would think that an Attorney General violating election law is "disrespectful" and a breach of public trust.

Of course, the corrupt Fitial Administration refuses to release the OPA report! But that was not enough for this vindictive administration –the OAG filed what appears to be a frivolous lawsuit against the OPA. Most administrations would settle differences between their own departments out of a court of law, especially since both the Attorney General and the Public Auditor are the Governor's appointees. Not this one, which should go down in history as one of the most mind-boggling, corrupt, and ineffective administrations to exist anywhere on U.S. soil.

The governor and his AG may want to note that elected officials can cover-up, skirt the law and lie to the people only so long until they will be exposed and forced to face the consequences.

Who do you believe? The Public Auditor or the Governor, who appears to have been involved in AG Buckingham's alleged violations? I pick Public Auditor Pai. In fact, I am calling the U.S. Office of the Special Counsel tomorrow and forwarding the recent news stories and suggesting that they request a copy of the report conducted by the Public Auditor and any correspondence between Fitial and that office. If you would also like to pursue this issue and see justice, please contact the OSC regarding the suspected Hatch Act violations and retaliation against the OPA. You may go to this link: Hatch Act Complaint form.


Anonymous said...

How can anyone with any self respect work for Buckingham?

The Saipan Blogger said...

The governor's comments subtly explain (or not so) how the system in CNMI works. Amazing to get this stuff in print.

Anonymous said...

My god this governor is about as subtle as a velvet lined sledgehammer.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long these AAG's will follow along this present route especially after this last statement from Fitial and actions from the AG.?
Maybe many AAG have been looking for other jobs.
I don't know, but it would seem to me that any of these attorneys that were around when this whole "election gate" transpired, would be liable for prosecution involving a cover up, or knowing that a law had been broken and doing nothing about it. (besides being unethical) if the Feds step in and indeed find enough to prosecute.
I also wonder if the Feds are not just keeping track on all of these things this Gov. and his Admin. has been involved with to one day bring the hammer down on him and others.
Or are they waiting until his term is over?
Maybe they just have too many other things presently going on to concentrate on the Gov. and his Mafia.