CNMI's Request Struck Down in FOIA Request Lawsuit

July 22, 2011

Last week U.S. District Judge Reggie B.Walton of the District Court of the District of Columbia filed an order denying the CNMI's request to “to compel the production of all records with respect to a census of aliens conducted by the defendant, the United States Department of the Interior, in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands in December of 2009.”

This was the latest order in the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that was filed in September 2010 against the U.S. Department of the Interior.  The lawsuit is seen by many as a witch hunt against Ombudsman Pamela Brown since the documents that the officials knew that the documents sought in the case do not exist. The Fitial Administration has been at odds with the Ombudsman's Office since the governor took office.

The order shot down attorney Deanne Siemer and attorney Teresa Kim's attempt to force the Federal Ombudsman's Office to produce documents that both attorneys admitted did not exist. The forms used to create the spreadsheets for the census of nonresidents used for the DOI status report were destroyed after the information from them was inputted.  The DOI report was mandated by P.L. 110-229.

The judge noted that typically there is no discovery in FOIA requests and that a FOIA request can only pertain to documents that are in the possession of an agency at the time of the request. The attorneys were well aware that the documents that they requested do not exist.

As part of the vindictive lawsuit, the CNMI attempted to have the DOI sanctioned for the destruction of the records, which were merely intake document used to create the spreadsheets and reports. The judge stated that in cases where sanctions were considered, the destruction would have occurred after the FOIA request was filed. The order noted that in this case the destruction of documents took place  five months before the FOIA request was filed.

Another FOIA lawsuit that Siemer and Kim filed against the Social Security Administration in October 2010 was dismissed this month. The wicked witch's cry, "I'm melting!" may be adopted by Siemer and Kim as their lawsuits fall apart. Their stupid witch hunts are unappreciated by the federal taxpayers.

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Anonymous said...

Seems these people have never won any of these suits against the Feds. (even the local court) If this Admin. spent half the time fighting for improvements for the people as they do with these trivial lawsuits, then the NMI would not be in the shape as it is.

Anonymous said...

You've stated before that Brown, a lawyer, represents all CWs living in the CNMI. As a lawyer she should file a lawsuit against the Federal Government to try and keep 16,000 workers from being deported.

Wendy Doromal said...

Anonymous 11:15 I am not sure that the DOI wants their agency to overstep what the U.S. Congress should be doing. I am not sure that they can file a lawsuit, but certainly the DOI and Obama Administration that claims to support a pathway to citizenship for 11 million ILLEGALS should and MUST take a firm stand. But considering their very weak statements of late -the support of the unjust "first step" jive and their support of H.R. 1466 which simply kicks the can down the road who knows? Both the Congress and the Administration will be forced to do the right thing if there is enough public outrage. We are working on that -expect fireworks within months and attention from national and international media.