Fitial, Ada, Buckingham Go National in Contract-Gate

July 27, 2011

When there is a scandal in the CNMI, and it seems that there always is, the same pattern is followed.  The public expresses outrage, those who violate the public trust lie, there are no prosecutions or consequences for the offenders, the public expresses outrage, the offenders lie some more and then the public forgets about it.  In the CNMI the people have such bad memories that they even re-elect some of the worst offenders.

But what if the scandal goes national? What happens then? Let's see if it makes a difference. Today the New York Times published a story, Interior Watchdog: Islands' Deal With Former Commerce Secretary's Company Violated Rules. The New York Times somehow made the story seem even more damning than any of the Saipan papers did.

Maybe the national publicity will inspire the U.S. Attorney Office for Guam and the NMI to take another look at the contract violations that the DOI Inspector General found to violate numerous CNMI ethics and procurement laws. I mean seriously, how many violations can one Administration get away with?  There's the governor's gun-toting driver who was busted for dealing drugs from the governor's vehicle; the federal prisoner that the governor had released from jail to give him a massage; and the alleged Hatch Act violations during the last election to name a few. No charges and no consequences. But hey, the New York Times is among the top five most respected national U.S. newspapers. Maybe that will inspire federal law enforcement officials to say, "Enough is enough already."

The Times even labeled Governor Fitial (R) for Republican. The governor was so certain that the Republicans could help him push his agenda in Washington, DC that he switched from the Covenant  (or Corruption) Party to the Republican Party. Bet this publicity will really sway the national Republican Party leaders to back Fitial as the governor predicted. (Not!)

The paper also mentioned the fact that Fitial was an ally of the CNMI's very own "he who should not be named", none other than Jack Abramoff.  You have to appreciate the connection that the Times made between this unethical Ada ARRA contract and the Abramoff  contract that was renewed through the efforts of then Speaker Fitial in another unethical deal. The article connected more of those dots that paint a detailed picture of CNMI corruption for the American taxpayers.

Read the New York Times article here.


Anonymous said...

Indict them!

Anonymous said...

The New York times may be a "respected" Newspaper, but they are a "sleezy respective newspaper" But in this case I am happy to see them get a hold of this.
It would be good if this newpaper could NOW keep an eye on the NMI and exspose all of the past, current and future wrong doing's of this island.

Anonymous said...

Noni 8:16

How is the NYT sleezy? i never heard that before!

Anonymous said...

Noni 8:16 sorry wrong paper, NOT the NYT. My Mistake.