Immigration is an Issue that Belongs to Every American!

July 3, 2011

"Immigration of the CNMI is now a federal issue," the Marianas Variety quoted Congressman Kilili Sablan as saying.  He urged Governor Fitial and the CNMI Legislature to concentrate on the problems of the CUC and the broken CNMI economy, rather than immigration.

“Please governor, fix the problem here in the CNMI and leave the U.S Congress alone,” Sablan said.

Interesting. I would say that all of these issues – the problems at CUC, the economy, and immigration should concern CNMI officials, residents and nonresidents.  Everyone has a constitutional right to have a voice in these issues.

Every federal issue is also of concern to U.S. taxpayers, like myself and any interested party.

If immigration is only an issue for the Congress than there would be no national debate, no immigration rallies across America that draw hundreds of thousands of protesters, and no organized movement that is in the press daily. Immigration is not an issue only for Congress – it is an issue in which every American and every nonresident should have a voice.

No U.S. citizen should ever "leave the U.S. Congress alone." The members of Congress are elected by the people, they serve the people, and they are accountable to the people. We pay the salaries of these elected officials.  I am hoping that Congressman Sablan's remarks were taken out of context.


The Saipan Blogger said...

It sounded to me like he was pleading for the governor to deal with more pressing issues other than making sure poor, powerless people stay poor and powerless

The Saipan Blogger said...

Like say, instead of spending hundreds of thousands on lawyers, clean up the island and plant some trees.

Wendy Doromal said...

Angelo - HR 1466 would keep powerless people poor and powerless!

Maybe something was left out of the conversation that was not reported.

Certainly a governor could address local issues and be concerned with federal issues that will impact the CNMI?

Anonymous said...

Is Kilili getting cocky? Statements like these that tell another elected leader he shouldn't exercise his freedom of speech are odd to say the least. You're right in saying that an elected leader has to care about more than one or two issues. Although I have to say, even odder is you defending the governor!

Wendy Doromal said...

Anonymous 6:29

I do not support Governor Fitial and I do not usually agree with his positions. I am only saying he has freedom of speech and has a right to express his opinion of HR 1466 or any other issue related to the CNMI. (I doubt I will agree with his opinion)

Anonymous said...

I believe the point was that Fitial spends all his time worrying about federal issues, at the expense of the local issues he is paid to manage. Certainly he can have his opinions about federal issues, but that shouldn't be to the detriment of his job to manage the issues in the CNMI. (Kind of like how our former president was more concerned about Iraq than about the US.) By the way, I wonder what Fitial's reaction would be if you referred to him as an American!

Wendy Doromal said...

Anonymous 8:50

I imagine he could tell me his opinion of me classifying him as an American (he is a U.S. citizen!) at the hearing next week!

Anonymous said...

this whole issue is impacting active duty Military personnel like myself who's family has been seperated under the takeover in CNMI this was not suppose to happen?? and we have no recourse to pursue reasonable legal status I'm currently bearing the burden of raising two families on Military pay due to the conditions please I have been writing and conversing with anyone whom will listen to drive home the point who is being affected??

Wendy Doromal said...

Anonymous 10:01

Please can you explain this more. Exactly what is the cause of the separation and how are you separated? Who are the family members and their current status under U.S. law? Let me know and I will look into this.

Anonymous said...

Ms Dormal, this will be like most problems you have heard in Saipan and I can't answer every detail but I will attempt to explain. I'm Active duty service member married to South Korean (LPR) no pathway to sponsor siblings her family (sister and brother) were lured to saipan for business/jobs for attempt at the american dream back around 1997 they built a business and employment over the years but like so many foreign contract wokers at early part of the takeover 2008-2009 there were many rumors about what would occur my sister in law and her two children age 6 and 11 were abandon by her husband? (insert words of choice) he had a business visa or something my sister-in law let her work visa expire/ no umbrella visa (IDKY) because she didn't have the money they wanted to charge her etc. with no money or employment oppty. My wife and I stepped in took guardianship of the kids to assist her to see if things could get worked out she has bounced back in forth between SK/CNMI/mainland (where ever I'm stationed since 2009 but I got deployed etc that delayed me from being involved to assist with sorting it all out.. having just returned recently and I've started to get my mind around situation I've been working to get my wife naturalized so at least she would be able to sponsor her siblings maybe provide some protection to them (even though it might take 10 years). My brother in-law is still in Saipan under umbrella visa but being worked like slave and is unsure what will happen after Nov and hoping that a pathway is granted then he could maybe stablize and assist me and his sister and her 2 USC children maybe she could then return to Saipan and rasie her children there with his help... one child does not even speak Korean no way he could return to SK with his mother. I appreciate all that you done on this matter attempting to educate those that don't know of all the injustice in CNMI. I don't believe there is anything I can do legally at this point unless 1466 is approved and my sister law and brother in-law can obtain some legal US or CNMI status I have considered attempting to appear at the hearing currently I'm in VA maybe If I show up in uniform with these kids I will drive home the problem...any suggestions or advise are apperciated... Thanks Vance

Wendy Doromal said...

Vance -

Let's see what we can do or what answers/help we can get.

Can you please email me at

Unknown said...

Why CW1s can easily sponsor their spouse and children earning minimum wage and waiting time or processing is less than 3 months. U.S permanent residence sponsoring spouse and kids wait time is 14yrs, unbelievable! U.S citizens cant even take their siblings from their foreign country and help them have a good life in here in Saipan. It's not that they will be a burden here in Saipan..USCIS, make something different for US citizens to be able to take their relatives and as fast as the cw2 processing.. make something for us permanent2 and us citizen2.. wth!!