More Abuse of Chinese Nationals in Saipan

July 26, 2011

In the last few months several Chinese nonresident workers have been attacked. In April 2011 a Chinese delivery man, Hua Ming Zhang of Feng Ze Corp. was beaten, stabbed and robbed in Chalan Kanoa at a market where he was delivering tofu. He required 31 stitches to close the deep wounds on his arm. As far as I know the suspects were not apprehended.

On July 7, 2011 another Chinese man was attacked while selling vegetables on the side of the road in San Antonio. The roadside vendor was choked with a string and then his truck was stolen. The truck was found on fire in Koblerville.

There is something very wrong with the details of this incident. The Marianas Variety reported that the police arrested the attacker, but have failed to release his identity except to say he is a 20 year old "local" man. The dangerous criminal was released the same weekend he was arrested.

From the Variety:
The defendant was initially booked on charges of theft of vehicle, robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon, and alcohol sale to minors and persons without identification.

Variety was told that authorities have 48 hours to process a defendant and file a complaint in court.

No charges have been filed in court and neither the Department of Public Safety nor the Attorney General’s Office have issued a statement regarding the incident.

The victim, a Chinese, said two local men approached him while selling vegetables on a roadside in San Antonio.
Odd that the story is broke over two weeks after the incident happened. The Variety reported in a story yesterday that the vendor and his Chinese employer are requesting information from Police Commission Ramon Mafnas:
“We will also seek further legal action against the criminals. From my understanding, [the Department of] Corrections is still holding one of the men. It has been over two weeks now but DPS has so far not released information to the victim … and his employer,” their letter to Mafnas stated.

The victim and the employer said the case involved charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, personal injuries/attempted murder, vehicle theft, robbery, destruction and loss of personal properties, loss of income and harassment.

DPS had yet to respond to the inquiries of this reporter.

The employer said the matter has not been referred to the Attorney General’s Office.

Yesterday, this reporter went to an open boonie area on Adobo Drive in Koblerville, where the victim’s burned pick-up was left by the perpetrators.

The victim and the employer noted that the vehicle was not towed and preserved as evidence.

Individuals were earlier seen carrying scrap metals taken from the vehicle.
The DPS better announce the name of the thugs and do it soon or there will be a demand for an investigation of this agency.  The OAG better prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Both agencies get federal funding and taxpayers will not stand for this garbage.

Last year a DPS officer, Jesse Dubrall brutally beat an innocent Chinese nonresident worker in a drug bust gone bad. Again what was his punishment? None!

Stolen Stimulus Checks
Meanwhile DPS received a complaint two weeks ago that stimulus checks were stolen and cashed. What was their response? Why, none.

In July 2010 the Tax and Revenue Office started mailing out tax refunds and stimulus checks.  Many nonresident workers never received their checks.  In fact, I received numerous emails from nonresident workers who reported they were given the run around at Tax and Revenue and are still waiting for their checks. How many nonresident workers and residents never received their tax refunds and stimulus checks? I would guess thousands.

Bin Pan and two other employees of Saipan Triple Star Recycling filed a police complaint two weeks ago concerning stimulus checks that they never received, but Tax and Revenue reported as cashed. They told the Saipan Tribune that they still have not received a police report on the complaint.

The F.B.I. is now investigating the report of stolen stimulus checks. Ten Chinese employees of Saipan Triple Star Recycling reported that their stimulus checks worth $400 each were released by the Tax and Revenue Office and cashed. 

Ge Zhoa the office manager of Triple Star Recycling told the Tribune that he was aware that this was a problem:
Zhao said that an FBI special agent entertained their complaint and encouraged all other Chinese nationals to step forward if they believe their stimulus checks were also fraudulently encashed.

“We have to find out what happened to the checks because it's for our employees' benefits. Our employees did not sign the checks, so how were the checks cleared?” he asked.

Zhao said that they had obtained information before that many Chinese nationals did not get their stimulus or rebate checks but because of the language barrier, they just went back to China without getting their checks.

He said they decided to expose this scam because they don't want this fraudulent scheme to happen again.

Zhao said they learned of the scheme when, after repeated follow-ups at Tax and Revenue, a staff gave them a list of checks that were supposedly released to their 10 employees.

The list indicates that the checks were released on July 24 and Aug. 13, 2010, and subsequently cleared on Sept. 29, 2010, Oct. 4, 10, 13, 18, 2010, and Nov. 1, 4, 15, 16, 2010.

Zhao said it is very suspicious that the checks cleared after three months of their release.

“If you receive your check, you don't wait for three months to cash it to the bank,” Zhao said.
Maybe this is an inside job?  


Anonymous said...

I think this is an inside job. The locals are used to stealing from the OCWs. You always point out that wages are stolen. Not just regular wages, benefits and overtime, and they are never arrested. They see you can steal from an OCW and nothing happens to you. So some T&R employee needs a little cash and takes the checks from some people with foreign names I hope they are caught and arrested this time. It's not only the men in the news story that had the checks cashed.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a way to lure Chinese tourists to the NMI
Let's see some arrests starting with the cop that beat the Chinese barber

Anonymous said...

I overheard this comment at a beach BBQ recently: "We ripped off and abused the Japanese in the 1990's. Koreans in the mid 2000's. Now is is the time for the Chinese. The next morning I saw some Chinese guy's picking up the empty beer cans and trash at this very spot in the Memorial Park.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Crimes against alien are hardly solved. I don't want to wish that it will happen to locals, but if this case is the other way around,or local againstlocal an arrest would have been made. DISCRIMINATION or POLICE INEFFICIENCY?

Anonymous said...

I think former ofc jesse dubral is getting away with his crime. this needs to be brought up in the papers again. i heard he is back to working at about getting away with a crime just because he is a former police officer. enough is enough..he needs to put to trail..find guilty and pay the price. the chinese victim was beaten real bad and nothing is being done about. wake up AGs something about it...