More on H.R. 1466

July 19, 2011

From what I learned yesterday, it  is very doubtful that HR.1466 will pass.  We have time to work to get the inferior bill amended to include all equally deserving legal, long-term nonresident workers for an upgraded status, rather than just those with a U.S. citizen family member. The bill should also be amended to eliminate the un-American CNMI-only status and replace it with permanent residency, a status that exists under the INA.

The issue of status of long-term guest workers in the CNMI is under the authority of the U.S. Congress, which is now deeply divided. I understand from a congressional source that, at this time, any bill dealing with immigration and changing the status of aliens is controversial.  I was told, "For this reason, it appears unlikely that any such bill, including that of Delegate Sablan, could be enacted. The prospects for a bill that would have broader coverage of aliens are less favorable."

P.L. 110-229 is a defective bill because it fails to address status for the long-term alien workers. After P.L. 110-229 passed and the DOI report was released, the issue of status should have been addressed immediately.  It was during this time in December 2008 that the controversial Dream Act that called for granting status to millions of undocumented aliens passed the House! How easy it would have been to pass a bill to grant status to less than 20,000 legal aliens. It is unfortunate that most members of Congress are primarily concerned with their own re-elections and partisan politics rather than with advancing legislation that benefits all.

Written testimony is accepted up to ten working days after the July 15, 2011 hearing. If you are a legal, long-term, nonresident worker it is not too late to submit your opinions of H.R. 1466 and to recommend needed changes.


Anonymous said...

A bill for status wasn't introduced right after the DOI's Report because the Delegate Sablan used the issue to get votes from the US citizen relatives of aliens. He doesn't have the coconuts to introduce a bill asking for green cards for all. No one from the CNMI would put in a bill like that. Votes are more important than rights. Family togetherness is his lame excuse for leaving out 3/4 of the workers. Find someone genuine who really supports immigrants' rights.

Anonymous said...

Good observation. Thank you anonymous.