Party Crashers

July 9, 2011

At a general membership meeting held in Garapan last evening, former Governor Juan N. Babauta was elected the new head of the CNMI's Republican Party. The GOP accepted 1,000 Covenant members, following Governor Fitial's well organized plan.

Last week it was reported that former Governor Juan Babauta accepted a position with Governor Fital, his former rival. He is now the governor's "special advisor" for health matters, accepting that position for a salary of $1.00, or as some will suggest, "selling his soul for $1.00."

Babauta will accompany Fitial to a meeting of the Federal Regional Council in San Francisco next week with the governor, according to the Saipan Tribune. Such friends –how sweet!

Political rivals don't kiss and make up without reason. It was revealed that Fitial will back Babauta as the 2012 candidate for the Delegate position in the U.S. House. It is unclear if Fitial all of a sudden actually likes Babauta or hates Congressman Gregorio Sablan so much that he is backing Babauta knowing that the merger off the Covenant and Republicans Parties will ensure a Republican win. In March 2011 the governor was talking of backing former speaker Rep. Arnold Palacios as the GOP's delegate candidate. Last election Fitial backed Covenant Party member Joe Camacho.  He required cabinet members to host campaign parties for Camacho, including one at the governor's house hosted by Attorney General Edward Buckingham. Violations of ethics and election law are brushed aside by the smug governor and A.G., who is still under investigation for violations of the Hatch Act and ARRA violations. (See Election Gate in the sidebar for background stories.) Any candidates that the governor backs will be someone that Fitial thinks that he can control to push his political agenda.

Fitial has been very busy. Aside from junkets ( In January he went to Hong Kong and Taiwan for two weeks, in March he travelled to Washington DC and California, in June he was in the Philippines, and presently he is on a trip to Japan, California, Washington, DC and Utah) he has been holding meetings of his "Blue Ribbon Committee" tasked with bringing together the political divide between the Covenant and Republican Parties and convincing Covenant Party cabinet appointees to rejoin the Republican Party. Fitial caused the divide in 2001 when he left the Republican Party to form the Covenant Party in a similar way that the playground bully leaves the baseball game with the bat and ball when he is told to play by the rules.

Last week Rep. Diego Benavente resigned from the CNMI House. His last day serving in the House will be July 16th. The Republican leader may have been fed up with the political games. It was reported that he did not even know about the GOP's general membership meeting that was held last night.

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Anonymous said...

once you pour poison in the well it's polluted and useless. The NMI leaders are power whores and will jump in bed with any party if they think it will help them get elected.

Anonymous said...

9:13 spot on!

Anonymous said...

Traditional politician

Anonymous said...

The CNMI Green Tea Party may yet have more life in it than you imagine.

Biba Republican!

Anonymous said...


A rose by any other name is still a rose. Call it what you want, green party, tea party, Republican Party, who really cares. Keep on rearranging those chairs on the Titanic.