Fitial: Camacho "Not Emotionally Disturbed"

August 8, 2011

Governor Fitial announced he would nominate his political ally and loyal supporter, attorney Joseph Camacho as associate judge to the Superior Court.

The Saipan Tribune quoted the governor as saying:
“He's my choice. He's more than qualified, but I like his temperament. I've never seen him get emotionally disturbed.”
Interesting reasons for such a selection. Granted, it is probably a good idea to have a judge who doesn't get "emotionally disturbed" but what are his qualifications that make him the best choice?

Camacho was Fitial's choice for Washington Delegate in the last election. The governor had his cabinet members and close political allies sponsor controversial campaign events for Camacho. AG Buckingham and others used government resources during working hours to organize the campaign events for Camacho who lost to Congressman Gregorio (Kilili) Sablan.


Anonymous said...

Camacho supported Kilili in 2008. After the election, Camacho gave Kilili a list of family members he wanted hired. Kilili said he wasn't going to be that kind of politician, so Camacho ran against him in the next election. And lost.

Camacho is as sleezy as the governor he supports. He has no integrity.

Anonymous said...


How many friends work for Kilili in DC AND on Saipan? How many Chamorros work in DC for him? (US FEDERAL TAXPAYER MONEY!)