H.R. 1466: Shameful Legislation

August 9, 2011

It is incredible that Congressman Gregorio Kilili Sablan has 47 co-sponsors for  H.R. 1466. They are 46 Democrats and one Republican, Rep. Don Young (R-ALASKA) who is best known for his ties to Jack Abramoff.  Do these co-sponsors not understand the issues and the urgent need of every CNMI legal long-term alien worker? Do they not understand that the bill addresses a mere 1/4 of the de facto citizen who have worked and lived in the CNMI for years and most for decades? Do they believe that 11 million undocumented (illegal) aliens deserve permanent residency, but those who entered legally deserve less?  We need answers.

The United Workers Movement has joined me in sending certified letters to every co-sponsor of H.R. 1466 to educate them on the issues concerning the CNMI's long-term legal aliens, the harm that passing such legislation would inflict upon the 12,000 long-term aliens deliberately omitted from the bill, and the impact that passing such legislation would have on the already tarnished reputation of the United States. We sent 35 letters two weeks ago and are sending the remainder this week.

Each time a co-sponsor signs on to this legislation they will receive certified letters from the UWM and myself. Next week we are sending letters to the editors of each co-sponsor's major newspapers. Each co-sponsor need to own their action and explain why they would support disenfranchisement for a minimum number of legal aliens.  The co-sponsors' constituents should understand that their representatives, many who claim to support immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship for undocumented (illegal) aliens, support a lesser status for legal aliens, most of whom have lived and worked on U.S. soil far longer than the ones they hope to provide status for. How can self-proclaimed immigration champions stab these legal workers in the back? Are they hypocrites who think that no one will ever know that they signed on to this disappointing legislation or just ignorant of the issues? We want answers.

I spoke to many staff members and none saw a legitimate reason to exclude 12,000 legal, long-term workers from this bill.  In fact since this bill was introduced an immigration reform bill directed at over 11 million undocumented aliens was again introduced in the Senate!

We are urging the co-sponsors to introduce proper legislation that includes all long-term legal de facto citizens and provides for U.S. permanent residency status.

Letters from the UWM and myself:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you m'am Wendy and Rabby. Please tell us the answer you get.This is a very shameful and hurtful
bill. Why? Why were we left out? All the time people say we came here to have babies or get a US husband.Then the ones of us who didn't get left out. I can't believe this is happening.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the co-sponsors think they're doing a great thing in signing this bill. Bet he didn't tell him that he only put in the ones who will get green cards down the road any how. Bet he didn't tell them it was a political move to get votes of the IR relatives for his reelection. Bet he didn't tell them there will never be another bill and 12,000 can kiss their futures goodbye. Hope they read this Wendy, but they are all such a-holes in DC who knows. VIVA LA CAUSA!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kilili ran out of ink and could only include 1/4 not ALL. Why it's ok to protect some only and leave out most? He picked people with votes.

TAGLISH said...

Anon 5:24

Yes!! It's a slap on the faces of Kililis' local constituents who hate CWs with USborn babies or married to locals. What they hate most is the best and only solution that Kilili has. HAHAHA!!! I am really laughing! What a stupid bill!
Let's see what his local constituents have to say about this bill or may be not, they might not have anything to say.

Anonymous said...

Noni 8:54

This bill is no joke. It will mean 12,000 of us leave and he don't care. Best solution is not to leave out 3/4 OCWs. Best solution is for Kilili to man up and put in decent bill for all OCWs who gave so much to be kept down.

Anonymous said...

Your points are valid. How can these co-signers support 11M who entered illegally and not 16,000 legals? I agree they don't know that there are 12,000 also long-term legals left out of the bill. The 12,000 need to speak up and quick or they won't be here to speak up. Can someone please just introduce a bill that includes everyone with real U.S. status.

Anonymous said...

What do you say to the people if the bill cant pass. At least some are saved.

Anonymous said...

On KSPN last nite it was about a battle between Kilili and Fitial. The bill does nothing so what is Fitial's problem? Still no rights until they apply for their green cards. Worst 12,000 hung out to dry.Maybe these two just like to fight.

Anonymous said...

11:56 Odd question. What about 12,000? We should care about 4,000 and worry about them and to hell with 12,000? We pretend they are not here. Did Cong. Sablan even talk to any of the 12,000 or maybe he doesn't care about anyone without a US kid or wife.

Anonymous said...

Noni 11:59

Fitial is usually in disagreement with Congressman Sablan because Congressman Sablan is usually right. Not in this case, because both are wrong. The bill is inferior and needs to be amended to include all of the legal workers. Fitial is crazy to say that it is an amnesty bill. It is so far from that. In fact, it really does little except protect a very small segment of the foreign workers that already can get blue passports! Both are wrong!

Anonymous said...

Taglish, I don't think most locals even care. There isn't serious press coverage here. The press covers the story like the 12,000 don't exist. We need some national coverage to jog these folks who are talking about fights between Fitial and Sablan and not the inadequacies in the bill.