Sad Discovery

August 13, 2011

The F.B.I. and CNMI Department of Public Safety personal are investigating the discovery of human remains that were found in the Kagman III homestead area after a dog brought a human bone to his owner's house. CNMI community members fear the remains may belong to one of two young girls, Faloma or Maleina Lunk. The young 9 and 10 year old sisters went missing from their bus stop on May 25, 2011, and despite island-wide searches have never been found.

The bones that were found near a vacant house belonged to a body that was estimated to be deceased three to four weeks.

The Saipan Tribune reported:
Many bones were subsequently found scattered near a two-storey house and in the yard of an abandoned house, belonging to the family of Mary Ann Concepcion-Teregeyo. It was at this abandoned house where the zories and underwear were reportedly found.

Residents in the neighborhood said their place is very dark at night and that they have been noticing the foul smell for two to three weeks now.

The residents said they thought the smell came from a dead dog or other animal.

The family of the Luhk sisters refused to comment to Saipan Tribune since there is no confirmation yet that the remains belong to one of the missing children. But the family said they were informed about the ongoing investigation.

Steve Moore, the FBI's supervisory senior resident agent on Guam, said it is too soon to say whether the remains are those of the missing Luhk sisters.
If the bones do belong to one of the sisters that would mean that she has been alive for months and the other sister may still be alive. The Variety reported that a Chinese woman was also reported missing.

The Marianas Variety reported:
Mafnas said they are now “arranging” the bones in the morgue and will soon conduct DNA testing.

“DNA testing will be done by proper authorities and we will do it immediately,” he added.

The lot where most of the remains were found has been abandoned for many years, according to neighbors.

The house on the lot is barely visible from the road because many trees surround it.

Located on Puteng Dr., the house is owned by the family of Tina Concepcion Pangelinan and is just a couple of blocks away from the road where a teenager was abducted by a group of men in a rape case last year.
Aside from bones some clothing articles described as those fitting a teen were found.

Saipan is known for a large incidence of domestic violence and sexual abuse cases for such a small population. There are five CNMI sexual offenders who list the Kagman III homestead area as their residence on the CNMI sexual offender website.

Such a painfully sad story.

UPDATE: The Marianas Variety reports that the bones belonged to an elderly man identified as the great grand uncle of the missing girls.  A relative said she does not believe that he died of natural causes. See story here.


Anonymous said...

This is very sad news. Anyone who harms a child deserves to be banished from society. Children are helpless against adults, especially adult men. The island harbors quite a few pedophiles and registered sex offenders some of whom are free to go where they please. The predator that sexually assaulted his own daughter now sits in jail with a sentence that isn't nearly long enough for this heinous individual. Equally disturbing are his family and family friends that covered up for him yet knew the truth. This happens more that anyone knows.

Anonymous said...

It sure seems that this family has an unusual amount of problems with missing people.
Years ago, one went missing and only the shoes were found at the edge of suicide cliff, and I believe there was another instance of someone missing. (Not sure)
The sisters, and now the Grand Uncle? Dead from Homicide?