Final Rule To Be Out September 6

September 1, 2011

News Release
September 1, 2011
For Immediate Distribution
Worker regulations available September 6
Saipan, MP – Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan announced today that the Department of Homeland Security had set September 7 (EST) as the date for publication of regulations implementing the CNMI-Only transitional worker classification in the Federal Register. A public inspection version of the regulations will be available one day earlier, September 6 (EST), at Security notified Sablan earlier this week that Secretary Janet Napolitano had signed the final regulations and that they were being prepared for publication in the Register.
Publication of this Final Rule will end over two years of waiting and uncertainty for the Northern Marianas economy. An Interim Rule was issued October 2009, but was enjoined a month later by a federal court following a lawsuit brought on by the Commonwealth Government.  
Ever since, the business community, U.S workers, and foreign workers have been left guessing about the rules for employment in the Northern Marianas after November 27, 2011.
Homeland Security officials are expected in the Northern Marianas later this month to hold briefing sessions and answer questions from the public about the regulations.

Congressman Sablan said, "Publication of this Final Rule will end over two years of waiting and uncertainty for the Northern Marianas economy. "


How does publication of the final rule end uncertainty? Congressman Sablan, himself, created more uncertainty, confusion, division, insecurity and torment for the legal, long-term foreign workers by introducing an un-American, apartheid-type bill, H.R. 1466. Since the bill excludes 12,000 of the 16,000 legal, long-term foreign resident workers (without even an acknowledgment of their existence!) it creates more uncertainty for them and their families. 

Publication of the final rule does not end uncertainty for any of the 16,000 loyal, hard-working foreign residents of the CNMI. Not even the 4000-only selected to be allowed to stay with or without a job because they married a U.S. citizen or are parents of a U.S. citizen child. Even after the publication, those who are able to stay as a disenfranchised underclass in a two-tiered society, will continue to have uncertainty until 2014 as they wait to see what the members of the dysfunctional Congress have in store for them then. There is absolutely no certainty, no security.  Congressman Sablan and the co-sponsors of H.R. 1466 have ensured that uncertainty, angst and injustice will abide!


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Anonymous said...

Games are all good, unless someone gets hurt. In this case there are 16,000 who will be hurt by members of congress.

Anonymous said...

what is up with saying uncertianty? All along the plan was to create a CW visa to allow those GW time to either find an appropriate non immgrant or immigrant status and then apply for and recieve that status. If it was obvious that there was no status under the INA available then the GW would use the transition time until 2014 to prepare to return whence they came and the employers would begin to look for legal, under the ina residents or us citizens for those jobs. at no time did anyone say this was going to lead to any permenant status for anyone not currently qualified for an existing INA status. folks this has been coming for a while and we have all known about it. make a plan to leave and be prepared to leave. you better because the fed government will see that the intent of the cnra is carried out........ and trust me congress will not help 16000 GW way out here. with 2012 being an election year as contentious as it will be and a possible new administration coming in, maybe no more hopey changey. 2014 will be here before you know it and nothing will change, the cnra will still be law and dhs will be preparing to remove those who fall out of please nobody say then we didn't know it was coming to this and we need time to prepare. you have known, whether you wanted to believe it, and you have had since 2008 to prepare, this blog site alone has foretold what was possibly coming if you read it without emotion attached........

Wendy Doromal said...

Uncertainty exists not just for the foreign workers and their families, but for business owners and the people of the CNMI who are hoping to attract investors and build a strong economy. The federal transition has been anything but smooth. I was told when the grandfathering provision was removed that the Congress would act on permanent residency status. I believed that. That is the only status that is just and that is the only way to end the instability.

You said,"...and trust me congress will not help 16000 GW way out here. with 2012 being an election year as contentious as it will be and a possible new administration coming in, maybe no more hopey changey.." PLEASE STOP PERPETUATING THIS LIE NOW. If members of the House and Senate can repeatedly introduce legislation proposing to help 11 million undocumented aliens, then they certainly can introduce the same legislation to help 16,000 LEGAL FOREIGN WORKERS. THEY CAN!!!

Do you mean to say it would not be politically advantageous for the CNMI congressman so he did not introduce such legislation or push for such legislation to be introduced? Did you mean to say that he did not have the heart to introduce it himself? Then say that, but do not say it cannot be done. It can be introduced. He does not want to introduce it.

Yes, I warned people on the site over and over -you must have a job or apply for parole. Every foreign worker should immediately apply for parole if they don't have a job.

I just finished a radio interview. I am setting up appointments in Washington for October with federal officials, members of Congress and staff , NGOs and the national and international press. I will not be silent while my country turns it back on 16,000 legal workers while embracing 11 million undocumented aliens. (And please, don't misunderstand, I support the 11 million and the DREAM Act!) I have never been so embarrassed by the U.S. and outraged by the actions of so-called leaders. The co-sponsor must explain -they owe that much to every one of the legal, long-term foreign resident workers. Maybe one will decide to introduce the proper legislation and end the uncertainty once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine


Anonymous said...

Keep driving this home, Wendy. You are absolutely correct. I would like to hear the lame excuses, er explanations of the Hispanic and Asian Caucus members who support Sablan's bill. Good luck on your trip.

Anonymous said...

Wendy said:
"I have never been so embarrassed by the U.S. and outraged by the actions of so-called leaders".

Neither have I.

They don't enforce the immigration laws on paper. That's why there are millions of illegals aliens in the country.
They don't allow the States the enforce these same laws.
They don't charge the employers with the crime of employing illegal workers.
They don't take border security seriously, they just throw a lot of money at it.

This admistration is your typical neo-Democrat group. Corporations are evil, poor people are victims, Government can solve all your problems.

Oh, there has been legislation introduced, but that's just so the politican can say "Look what I did". It does not pass anything.

What does it say when you have the most liberal administration in recent memory and they can't even make something happen.

Anonymous said...

If OCWs don't start voicing up most of us will be gone by next year. We know now that every leader is against us. Let them do their own jobs and see if they can. I don't think so. They don't deserve us.

Anonymous said...

Look people, the bill is unjust and no one with even a hint of a moral conscience would doubt that. Some may not publicly admit it, but if you can read you know it sucks. There is a bigger issue here. The CNMI is falling and near total collapse. The legislature only puts out congratulatory resolutions and garbage. Kilili is only out to get re-elected and to grab more U.S. money. There’s no hope for this place. The die is cast.

The workers need an exit plan, not just because good old Kilili gave them all the middle finger, but because this place is self-destructing around us. It will be only a few years before there aren’t any more visitors or jobs. The U.S. has no money and the little that's available sure won’t be coming our way. My advice to the workers is to leave and get a job where you’re wanted. There is no future here for workers or for anyone else.

Anonymous said...

6:09 PM

Spot on. We heard a rumor that PSS will get deep funding cuts next year. Those OCW PSS workers had better have an exit plan as well. NMC is already planning for furloughs. Those with children had better rethink living in the CNMI. The hospital has no effective way of treating any serious injury or illness. Your children's safety is in question people. Don't just stay because YOU love the CNMI - leave for your kids' sake. They deserve a better education. They deserve a safe environment. They deserve a better life. Their future depends on it.

Green Cards for All! said...

Hear, hear, 01:00!

Don't waste your time until 31 December 2014 with a CW visa, hoping for another five year extension, because things in the CNMI will surely get worse.

What many clear-thinking guest workers could be fighting for is free repatriation flights home, for themselves and their U.S. citizen children.

With these umbrella permits, they have lost the right to employer-paid repatriation!

The US should send Air Force cargo planes to Manila, Dhaka, and cities in China for those who are trapped here.

This will take major effort by Kilili, but will only happen if workers demand it.

Anonymous said...

Most employers will try to keep their workers. The CW visa regulations will likely not have any "prevailing wage" requirements and no local workers will be willing to work for the minimum wage salaries. The CW visa for most employers will actually be cheaper than the old CNMI system and will allow employers to drop the medical reimbursement (than many wouldn't have paid regardless).

If I was a valued non-resident, I would prepare documents to have my family from whatever country join me in the CNMI, and have your children take advantage of CHC medical care, and PSS schools. Yes, it will probably create overcrowding, but instead of remitting money to your country, you will buy more goods, and there will be a larger tax base for the CNMI to pay for those services.

Anonymous said...

get ready to depart for the country of your citizenship. Make a plan, if you don't have the funds go and see DHS, they will fund a return trip. They have plans to bring in planes if need be in 2015. Of course you will have to agree to a deportation order but if you are not eligible for any non immigrant or immigrant visa based upon being a low skilled worker... there is no visa for that and will not be in the near future....many years. So what would be the problem of having DHS give you a deportation order and a free flight. You will have to leave by 2015. Please don't pin your hopes on congress. think about it, they can't agree on serious issues to keep the US from going bankrupt they are not going to touch something as toxic as immigration reform with millions of US citizens out of work and many more each month....get ready to leave GW do not wait and then wring your hands....DHS and Congress won't care...they made this law and it will be enforced.....don't mean to burst any bubbles but you need to be prepared and consider what is going to happen in a very short time.......

Anonymous said...

anon 7:24 PM

You are not worthy to say anything because you do not know anything as i can read in your comment, stop acting like a smart idiot!