Meeting at the Multi Purpose Center

September 29, 2011

Some photos from last evening's USCIS meeting at the Multi Purpose Center from photographer Itos Feliciano. (Thanks Itos!)


Anonymous said...

its shameful for all american, The facts is all foreign workers were legally they contribute so much to support CNMI islands/local people.they supported lot for cause/local community.They paid tax.i am been paid 5 years tax who will return ? my point is not enough to reach age standard. The immigration system making them automatically illegal.because of bad jealous humanity who got good life but doesnt want to have another. selfish human nature in united states of america.where is the human rights in USA? All workers going to exit from CNMI one by one its an automatic by unfair CNMI official/federal authority.why dont all workers go back after nove.28th ot stop work by 27th nov. it will make sense. remember all alien workers nothing will happen to change your status unless you merry have to go back automatically.this is the law.please do not stay on hope that obama/U.S congress act on is not possible.its like poison/fake hope on bad politician.your future is destroyed here and it will more until you a positive to move ahed to survive your life.may GOD help to have better life to all painful foreign workers.Thank you so mush USA soil.

the saint said...

I doubt blog comments have an effect on this matter, but if they do noni above, you would be well advised to remain silent and let others carry the torch.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:18pm, i like your post, spot on, that's good, is it because of racism US will listen to them?

Anonymous said...

living in a place where no people have talent to maintain the island to its successfulness years ago until now, no way i rather go home!

Anonymous said...

to those who have jobs, that's ok right now, but do you think it will last?

Anonymous said...

most of alien workers with job are so selfish they dont want to come in picture/support to get status with open heart but they really want to have status they are thinking that someone is really working hard and they will get benefit automatically.nothing is automatically this time all workers must united to save them life.why are you guys always depend on someone.some are thinking that they have fear but its not. its call salve fish.habit to think about only them.they want to have but they dont want to loose.bad human nature .never want to share/help each other and enjoy the joy of life.always happy to get not to give and share who doesnt have.lots of people are so poor around the world they dont have enough food even water.i have a question for everyone who will read my comment::where is the humanity?
well i think i am in stress with bad human activity.hope all workers will be united to support call for work off day.just enough for one day.thanks to all supporter who is supporting painful alien workers.GOD BLESS to all.

Green Cards for All! said...

Unemployed guest workers need to make plans to go home.

"Where is the humanity?"

It is spread throughout the globe, estimated to be 6.97 billion as of July 1, 2011 by the United States Census Bureau.

There are opportunities for holistic personal development and growth in locations all over the world. Quite frankly, for unemployed guest workers, the CNMI offers very poor economic alternatives right now.

Wise non-immigrant parolees without solid CNMI job prospects are actively searching out other options all over the world or back in their homelands.

There is the humanity!

Green Cards for All! said...

P.S. “Saludas” to my god-daughter, Glory Anne Asistores. Keep up the good work; peace be with you! Regards to your mother “Gingging” in Mindanao.

Remember that even if H.R. 1466 doesn't pass, you can still petition your parents in 3 years.

Also, if your father Rito has to go home, you could still look after the twins until you can petition him back.

If Kilili says there is no way an amended bill including all 5-year or 10-year guest workers (as of 8 May 2008) could pass, he knows what he is talking about. Don't kill the messenger.

Anonymous said...

there is no Humanity here,there is only the word discrimination,people who's been working here for decades and build their families here and they contribute so much for this place ,they didn't get too much but they're holding on for their families just so the whole family can stay together,and now,some people just come out and told people to break their own families apart only because they don't have much choice,did you even think of those children who are in school?did you atleast think of giving a chance to finish the school year before sending their parents back to the place they haven't seen for years?and if these American children goes with their parents,did you even consider thinking about what kind of life their parents can give to them when this is the only place they've known for decades to most of them this is what they call home,the home that discriminate people just because of the race difference,everybody had their American dream ,we thought we worked our way to it but w/ the way you treated us,i could say where is the American heart that people thought would treat people fairly?where is the HUMANITY?i hope you could give yourself a minute to think and ask yourself,what if it happens to your family?