Senator Ayuyu Requests Explanation from BOE on Scholarship Fiasco

September 21, 2011

It has been three weeks since Art Alpino, the father of Katelyn Alpino, Valedictorian of the Rota High School class of 2011 sent a letter to Board of Education Chair Dr. Rita Sablan by certified mail to inquire as to why his daughter was denied the Honor Scholarship.  By law, the scholarship is awarded to the top two graduating seniors, but Katelyn was bypassed and the scholarship went to the salutatorian and third honors students.  (See the post, Outrageous Injustice Against a CNMI Youth).

Out of all of the letters and people that were copied on letters to the PSS and BOE, one person did express concern about the situation. Rota Senator Juan Ayuyu wrote at letter to the Commissioner of Education, Rita Sablan expressing surprise at Katelyn's denial for a CNMI Honor Scholarship and requesting a response and resolution.  He wrote:
It is presumed that any class valedictorian shall have the highest GPA amongst his or her fellow classmates. I am certain that this was the case for Ms. Alpine when she graduated in June 10, 2011. Therefore, 1 do not understand why Ms. Alpino was denied an Honor Scholarship when in  fact she should have the highest GPA. This is unnerving!

Please enlighten me as to how Ms. Alpino was awarded class valedictorian for Rota High School this past June, but yet, scored the lowest GPA according to the CNMI Scholarship Office that eliminated her from being one of two possible recipients.
Read the letter:

Hopefully, this will be resolved quickly.


Well, not likely. A letter from the BOE that Mr. Alpino just received offers no solution or real explanation. Unless the school and the committee release the GPAs of the three students, the truth will remain obscured.

Here is the letter from the Board of Education Commissioner Rita Sablan that states that the Rota High School did not send falsified information to the scholarship committee as suggested:

The letter clears up nothing!


Anonymous said...

Terrible! Remember when a good local female student refused to accept the valedictorian award, because they gave it to her instead of the filipino girl who should have got it. both upstanding girls, in this racist system. an all the same people except a few still at PSS.

Anonymous said...

do you know NGO lawyers that could help US citizen kids or students with discrimination problems in school here because their parents are foreign workers?

Anonymous said...

I hope they can publish the meeting minutes so we all I can see how did commitee select over the highest GPA..

Anonymous said...

Analysis only:
Kagman High School-Vale-of Filipino parents,Sali-of local Parents;Marianas High School-Vale-of Filipino parents, Sali-of Filipino parents;Saipan Southern High-Vale-Of local parents, Sali- of Filipino Parents, Then to make it equal-Rota High School give scholarship to Sale and 3rd honor -both of Local parents.

Anonymous said...

It was stated by PSS that the scholarship committee does not adhere to the same standards as PSS in making their decision on awarding of scholarships.
So what PSS is saying is that it is not their problem.
So, if so, that means that the Scholarship committee is the ones that are caving in to the prejudicial political and family pressures.
It sure would be interesting to see the grades of all concerned.
And what exactly was the grade average for this young lady?
So now what is the solution now?

Anonymous said...

This is...shocking? Not really. Is it racist? Incompetence? Colusion? Probably a mixture of all of these, please a dash of home court advantage (Senators daughter that did get the scholarship- He must not be very smart if he can't find a a way to steal it like all the other policitican do...maybe he sould ask his daughter). What they rely on here is the reputation on incompetence to cover up for actual graft.

Wendy Doromal said...

Anonymous 7:50 I am sorry. I know of no attorneys who take cases pro bono. I have sent some foreign workers to MLSC, but their cases were denied. I recommend that you go to the federal ombudsman office and see who she can recommend for you.

Anonymous said...

I went to Federal Ombudsman for this kind of complaint, no help extended to me. the MLSC, this case, like mine is not within their priorities.I will recommend Attorneys with a big heart for children and file through Federal court.