Abramoff Writes a Book

October 22, 2011

After being the subject of many articles and being featured in books and movies, convicted felon and former CNMI lobbyist, Jack Abramoff is writing his own version of his lobbying days.  His book, which is said to also document the time that he spent in prison is to be released on November 7th.

Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption from America's Most Notorious Lobbyist won't make Abramoff much money. Not because people won't buy the book, but because the U.S. Court for the District of Columbia has garnished the profits to payback victims of Abramoff schemes -the Indian tribes he scammed.

As part of his sentence Abramoff was ordered to payback $23 million to the Indian tribes, former clients. He reportedly still owes $22.7 million. He has a lot of books to sell.

The editorial review of the books reads:
The name Jack Abramoff is synonymous with Washington scandal, but the fascinating facts of his case are either largely unknown or wildly misunderstood. His memoir will serve as a corrective - an engrossing, informative work of political nonfiction that is also a gripping real-life thriller. The biggest surprise twist comes in the form of Abramoff himself, a smart, funny, charming, clear-eyed narrator who confounds every expectation of the media's villainous portrait. He's a perfect bundle of contradictions: an Orthodox Jew and upstanding family man with a staunch moral streak, caught in multiple scandals of bribery and corruption with an undercurrent of murder. Abramoff represented Indian tribes whose lucrative casinos were constantly under threat from proposed changes in law; though he charged the tribes many millions, he saved them billions by ensuring votes to support the livelihoods of their reservations. Much of Jack's share was funneled not into his own coffers, but to charities. Abramoff on the front pages could not be further from the Jack Abramoff who's ready to tell his honest and compelling story.

Kevin Ring to Be Sentenced Next Week

Another Abramoff associate, former Doolittle staffer and lobbyist, Kevin Ring is set to be sentenced next week. Unlike Abramoff who admitted his guilt, cooperated with government officials and apologized to the courts, Ring claims his innocence and plays the victim.

Below is his sentencing memorandum and letters from his friends and supporters including lobbyist and former Congressman John Doolittle (R-CA).
Ring Sentencing

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