Angel Demapan's Nonsensical Remarks

October 26, 2011

Angel Demapan, Governor Fitial’s press secretary, made some ignorant statements on behalf of Governor Fitial yesterday. He was quoted by the Saipan Tribune as saying:
“And now that the final rule is out, most of those rally organizers and attorneys seemed to have 'vanished.' We know this because many guest workers have approached the administration to express their frustration about people giving them false hopes and misleading information. The administration knew then, as it knows now, that all those worker rallies and motorcades were just an exercise in futility, but the workers were given false hopes by certain U.S. citizens that portrayed themselves as the 'saving grace of guest workers.' Where are they now? They are not talking anymore. They are not standing out there with the workers that they misled,” said Demapan.

“Now, the final rule is out. The administration does not agree that foreigners should continue believing in the personal opinion of people. The most responsible thing to do is to follow the laws and policies that are in place. It's as simple as that,” he said.
Let me respond. The foreign workers are free to believe the opinions of any person of their choice. That is their right. Why does Demapan feel the need to tell the foreign workers who to listen to or who to believe for whatever circumstance at issue?  This is especially odd since the corrupt Fitial Administration has stuck it to the alien workers with racist remarks, anti-alien legislation and refusal to prosecute employers and others who have cheated or abused the foreign workers. The foreign workers are educated adults who can research, sort out facts and make their own opinions.

Demapan has just returned from one of his many off-island junkets with the governor. Now that he is back, he may want to catch up on what is happening. Rally organizers have not “vanished”.  In fact, there is a demonstration, OCCUPY USCIS, outside of the USCIS Office all day, every day until November 27th. Maybe he could stop by and learn something.

What foreign worker would go to the Fitial Administration to express disappointment with “false hopes and misleading information”? Just not believable.

There were no U.S. citizens who ever portrayed themselves as “the saving grace” of anyone. There were, and still are, U.S. citizens who support democracy, justice and freedom of the legal, long-term foreign workers. I am among them. The only promise I ever made to the foreign workers was to fight for justice and status for them. I have been doing that and I will continue until justice is achieved. The CNMI foreign worker advocates see their roles as fighting for the workers’ basic rights that have been trampled for decades.

No one has been misled. Every day I put out information on this website so that the foreign workers can sort out the facts and stay informed. Others including federal agencies and officials, dispense information, as well. What has the Governor’s Office done to help address this enormous humanitarian crisis or to advance the cause of the foreign workers who have contributed so much to the CNMI?

The foreign workers can make their own choices. If they want to stay after November 27, 2011 even if they have no employer or visa, then that is their decision. If they want to leave to find jobs elsewhere, then that is their decision. If they want to sue the CNMI government for failing to prosecute employers who owe them back wages, then that is their decision. If they want to march, rally, picket, petition, strike, contact officials or talk to the press, then that is their decision. Not Demapan's, not the governors, not mine –theirs. Show some respect.


It's not your money! said...

Angel is an over-plump, lobster-eating, boob. Who cares what he says?

Kelvin Rodeo said...

Wendy, I will be speaking at an Immigration Forum in November which is being hosted and organized by Students for Social Justice of Pasadena City College. I would like to speak to you about this to see if you have any helpful advice and even sources to help me out. How can I reach you through email or phone?

Wendy Doromal said...

Hi Kelvin

Sure-can you email me?

Anonymous said...

No need to care about any nonsensical remarks.The history will tell the truth how the righteous cause will be done.

Anonymous said...

Where did he get the idea that those people who fought for the plight of the guest workers like the leaders, U.S. citizens, and attorneys "vanished" they are still here and still fighting for our rights. Demapan should visit us sometime at the vigil so he can see them and be able to talk with them and not assume that they have given up on the guest workers!

Anonymous said...

1.) Loida N. Lewis for all legal alien workers in CNMI, U.S.A.
2.) Benigno Fitial asking Chinese investors to rent one of the CNMI,Northern Islands
So he can use the money for his "PEOPLE" for " BETTER TIMES"
3.) Where's Willie and Gerry Tan ? to help their "PEOPLE" ?

Anonymous said...

Do you remember Baghdad Bob?

Anonymous said...

ANGEL,just eat your lobsters! Their getting cold! You dont know what your saying and whos your dealin with,you and Tebuteb!