CNMI Legislator Arrested

October 27, 2011

Saipan Covenant Party Rep. Raymond Palacios was reportedly arrested for trafficking methamphetamine. Palacios was served with an arrest warrant late yesterday afternoon at his home in Chalan Kanoa, according to the Saipan Tribune. He was allegedly charged with two counts of trafficking "ice",  an extremely dangerous drug that is a life destroyer.

Palacios is reportedly being held in the detention center in Susupe after DPS investigators served him with a warrant that was issued by Superior Court Associate Judge David Wiseman.

The lawmaker-lawbreaker had previously denied the reports that he was going to be arrested for selling drugs.  Over the last few days news of his impending arrest caused the self-admitted drug user to make some mind boggling statements to the press.

An October 25, 2011 Marianas Variety story about Palacios was so unbelievable that I read it twice. In the article, Palacios not arrested, Representative Raymond D. Palacios proved that he is not fit for office. Palacios was responding to a rumor that he had been arrested for dealing "ice." The lawmaker apparently was not arrested, as the story states –"yet".

It is the words that this lawmaker uttered that seemed to stir outrage from commenters. Palacios was quoted by the newspaper as making some seriously damning statements and ridiculous excuses, including:
“I might have used [‘ice’] in the past.” 
“But the past is the past. Everybody knows that, even [people] in my precinct, that I might have used it. But honestly I don’t sell, that is the truth.” 
“Yes, I may have gotten it for someone, which makes me a buyer, but not a seller because I never sell,” he added. 
“If I got from someone, that makes me a buyer myself, which of course I should not be doing because of my position. But I’m just helping out a family member but if we look at it, it is wrong to do it and I regret doing that.” 
“But in terms of selling, I never sell. I make that clear to you.” 
“Almost all of us have done things against the law like smoking marijuana, ‘ice’ or cocaine. We have done all those in the past and we have learned from our mistakes. And right now, to be honest, I’m trying to get things straighten up myself and in fact I’m trying to look positively forward."
What kind of person would rationalize buying a dangerous drug, ice (methamphetamine), "to help" a family member? We all know that he is hurting his family member and anyone else that he gives this drug to.

The CNMI should get the award for the most people who break the law and/or take actions that will inflict harm to others, yet stubbornly rationalize their actions with insulting excuses.  We saw this pathetic technique being used in the case of the governor releasing his masseuse from prison for a late night massage; in the case of the governor's gun-carrying driver dealing drugs from the governor's official vehicle; in the case of Attorney General Buckingham breaking election and ethics laws; in the case of a rogue cop brutally beating an innocent Chinese foreign worker; in the case of hundreds of unscrupulous employers who committed wage theft and other abuses against innocent foreign workers and got away with it; and on and on and on. At least in this case an arrest was actually made.


Anonymous said...

It's worth mentioning that the law prohibits distribution of illegal drugs, even if the delivery is not for profit. Just giving drugs to another person is "distribution" even if no money changes hands.

Anonymous said...

I guess the fact he bought a airline flight ticket to leave Saipan made the DPS/FBI figure he was a flight risk?
Stanley M. Torres was observed drinking lots of water this past week........

Anonymous said...

this guy is bad news. always wearing dark sunglasses so you cannot see his dilated pupils. skinny as a rail. but, if he ran for office tomorrow he would be re-elected.

Anonymous said...

This is the same attitude in other crimes, especially from the elected and "connected" "Everybody does it, so whats the big deal"

If you remember one particular instance, the two Senators years ago (Tinian and Rota) that was convicted by the Feds for having Ghost employees.
The one from Rotas's defense in Fed court was "that everybody does it, what's the big deal"

Looks like now they have come to a new high, dealing in drugs by the elected, and supplying family members.
This though comes as no surprise within this Administration and electorate as many have suspected this type of activity for a long time by many.
It is well known for so many years that drugs are available from the DPS and Govt. offices in Tinian. (some cops have gone to Fed jail)
So now I guess the users and dealers can go to Capital hill for their supply.

But the out rite stupidity of this individual and his statements to a news reporter is somewhat unbelievable.
It just show the ever increasing new low the NMI is going promulgated by the voters that elect these incompetence.

I would suspect that this "visa waiver for the Chinese may be contributing to this drug problems as well as to other crimes.
(I am not generalizing here, but the drugs so far in the CNMI have been traced back to Chinese suppliers. Also, over the years the big bust in the Phil. have produced Chinese "labs" and imports. Sometimes in hundreds of Kilos of "ice" being seized in individual raids. Also many times the local cops have been involved providing protection.)

It will be interesting to see how this present situation pans out.

What kind of a "plea deal" this AG will try to cop.(at Fitial's direction)
Isn't this guy a Covt. party?

Anonymous said...

DC Mayor Marion Shepilov Barry, Jr.(D) was caught smoking crack during an FBI sting. He was sentenced to Federal prison for six months. The FBI wanted to get him on a lot charges like trafficking but couldn't get enough evidence. He ran for office again and won. So although Raymond deserves jail time this is not an isolated case that happens only in the CNMI Wendy.

What makes the Barry case even more disturbing was his anti-gang and drug rallies. LOL! There is a convicted felon who works at PSS who has an incredibly shady past like drug possession, weapons, dealing and pimping. Hint: Not from Saipan. Seven years of bad luck and the felony is off the record but still available online. Do people deserve a second chance perhaps some redemption?

The Saipan Blogger said...

That sounds like a PSS employee who writes a lot of letters to the editor. Comparing this scandal to one of the biggest scandals in US politics in the last 100 years only serves to highlight the ridiculousness of the situation in the CNMI...

Anonymous said...

Saipan Blogger... easy there.. let's not talk about your "reign of ridiculousness" in the CNMI. You were just not taken to task for your bailed out just in time.

The Saipan Blogger said...


Anonymous said...

Fun link to a prank website photo, Angelo.

Yet you evade the question. Where are the visitor center and all those benefits you and Pew promised out of the Marianas Trench Monument?

Where are all the Friends of the Monument now? At least we got some nice orange t-shirts out of it, didn't we? That's better than the gas vouchers we got for supporting Fitial, and the still-hoped-for status benefits of the Unity March.

There really isn't much difference between what goes on in the CNMI and anywhere else in the U.S. -- for instance, the vet injured in the Oakland Occupy Wall Street protest. Soon we will have riots redolent of the 1960s.

Fortunately the guest workers are smarter than that with their vigil.

Let's hope the feds get involved in the C.K. ice case.

Wendy Doromal said...


Angelo can fund the Visitors Center? Why not ask the federal government where the funding is?

Angelo I like the kitty troll photo.