Foreign Worker News

October 24, 2011

The first day of Occupy USCIS went well according to organizers. Rabby Syed, President of the United Workers Movement said that despite the bad weather, dozens of foreign workers and supporters trickled in during the day to show support. At one point there were 60 participants. 

The foreign workers are staging a protest at the USCIS office to ask for parole-in-place until such time that the U.S. Congress acts on permanent residency status for the legal, long-term foreign workers.

Rabby said that there is coffee and donated snacks.  A tent was donated and more donated tents will be set up tomorrow.

The UWM will be staging OCCUPY USCIS until November 27, 2011.

 CNMI DOL's Message to Employers
A statement by the CNMI DOL is sure to get attention.  They warn employers not to “inflate qualifications” for job positions.

Pangelinan said they noticed that some JVA’s include qualifications that are “too high” for the positions being announced.

He said CNMI Labor has developed a reporting system that will enforce applicable local labor laws against “over inflation of qualifying factors.”

If any employer is seen inflating the qualifications for jobs, Pangelinan said they will send notices to that company.
Will the CNMI DOL also be sending employers notices to tell them that their advertised wages are "too low" for the position being advertised? Advertised wages of $5.05 for a teacher, $5.05 for an radiation technician and other degreed positions are plain insulting.


Anonymous said...

Yes, 5 dollar an hr for teachers and 7 dollars an hr physicians is insulting and a joke.

It will never change until there are less foreign workers willing to work so cheap. If we reduce the nuber of workers 10% per year, we will watch average wages climb by a similar number.

As the alien worker number drops so will labor abuse and non-payment. There are schools here paying teachers 3.50 per hour and not currently paying them.

The young citizens unable to find work are the ones who should be most insulted.

The Saipan Blogger said...

The young citizens should be taking advantage of cheap labor and creating businesses. The young people just don't want to work, they want a government job where they don't have to work, but still get paid.

Anonymous said...

where is the UN watching dog?where is the human right in USA powerful shame.amen

Anonymous said...

I agree.. Look at the job positions and title posted by Coca Cola/Subway /Transpacific. They are saying they need a bookeeper yet the qualifications is more than a bookeeper.. Yes they are trying to get away with the costs of petition hence they are doing that.