Kevin Ring Sentenced to Prison

October 26, 2011

Jack Abramoff's pal and co-lobbyist, Kevin Ring  was sentenced today in the District Court of the District of Columbia to 20 months in prison and 30 months of probation for five felony counts that included conspiracy, payment of a gratuity and honest services wire fraud.

Prosecutor Nathaniel Edmonds called for a sentence of 50 months. In the Sentencing Memorandum he stated:
"Ring was the second-in-command of a corruption scheme that shook the nation’s confidence in its public officials and compromised the integrity of our government. Team Abramoff, and its Chief Operating Officer Kevin Ring, sought to corrupt numerous public officials with expensive meals, exotic trips, tickets to exclusive concerts and sporting events, and a low-show job for a Congressman’s wife. While all corruption offenses undermine citizens’faith in democracy, Ring (along with his co-conspirators) contributed greatly to the recent decline in the trust of government and reinforced the belief that the political system is rigged in favor of those that would use their wealth to lavish gifts on public officials and corruptly influence the manner in which our nation’s limited tax dollars are spent. Ring entered a “corrupt bargain for early success and money,” and this Court should appropriately punish him for his crimes.Accordingly, the Court should sentence Ring to a Guidelines sentence of 50 months incarceration, followed by a period of three years of supervised release.
Unlike Abramoff, Ring refused to admit any guilt or accept any responsibility for the damage that his actions caused many innocent people, including the foreign workers of the CNMI.

Today in court there was a crack of admission when Ring sobbed as he asked U.S. District Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle not to lock him up.

The prosecutors pointed out that the jury found Ring guilty of intending to corrupt public officials including Congressman Doolittle. Ring was a staffer for Doolittle before he joined Team Abramoff.

The sentencing memos states the government's objection to Doolittle's letter of leniency for Ring:
While the Government has concerns over a number of letters, Ring’s choice to submit a letter from former Congressman Doolittle is particularly egregious. Ring could have chosen to have Doolittle appear before this Court and subject himself to cross-examination at trial. Instead, Ring selectively quotes the self-serving statements of the recipient of Ring’s bribes—including putting forth such conclusory statements as “at no time was I ever corrupted by Kevin Ring in any of his dealings with me nor did I feel that Kevin ever attempted to corruptly influence me or members of my staff.” DE 290-1 at 41. 
Although Doolittle claims that Ring did not intend to corrupt him, a jury found otherwise. Doolittle’s denials of corruption in his relationship with Ring would ring hollow during cross-examination when it would be made clear that the “low-show” job that Julie Doolittle received from Abramoff and Ring was not the only “low-show” job that those seeking official acts from Congressman Doolittle created for his wife. Ring should not be allowed to proffer half-truths for the Court to consider as “mitigation” or evidence of his honesty, while failing to give the Court the full ability to assess Doolittle’s credibility.
Doolittle belongs behind bars with his loyal former staffer, Kevin Ring. Too bad that investigation was dropped.