The Leak: Let the Finger Pointing Begin

October 19, 2011

Both the Lt. Governor and Attorney General Buckingham responded to the leaked release of the OPA report detailing the criminal acts of the Attorney General during last year's election.

When interviewed by KSPN2 News, Lt. Governor Inos said he was was concerned that the report was leaked. "This is serious stuff," he said.

Attorney General Buckingham was quoted by the Saipan Tribune as saying that the documents "were not official."When showed a copy of the documents by the press, Buckingham questioned the document's authenticity and denied violating the law. Yet, the fact that the governor and Buckingham refused to release the report and recommendations shows that they attempted to cover their guilt. I say their guilt because the governor was also involved in the questionable campaign event as the host.

Among the four recommendations in the  OPA report was one that recommends that Buckingham reimburse the CNMI for the cost of attorney fees related to this case. Attorney Anthony Long was hired to defend Buckingham at $200 an hour for a total of $12,940. The attorney fees were paid by the CNMI taxpayers.

The Saipan Tribune quoted Buckingham as saying:
“While I do not know the motive for releasing these documents, I trust that the public will make an informed evaluation before relying on rumors. I hope that the people of the CNMI will judge our office by the good results we have produced, rather than by anonymous documents,” Buckingham said.
Below are  the "unauthenticated" and "anonymous" documents that were made public having been sent to hundreds of individuals and members of the media:

Complicating the anonymous public release of the documents is the fact that the OAG filed a penial  summons against the wife of the Public Auditor just yesterday. Joanna C. Pai has been accused of unlawfully committing the offense of theft of utility service allegedly amounting to over $51,000. She will be arrested if she does not appear in Superior Court on November 14, 2011.


Anonymous said...

sure looks authentic

Anonymous said...

Buckingham is a moron to claim, "no one can say it [the report] is authentic." The AG himself was given a copy of the report almost a year ago. If he has any doubt about the leaked report's authenticiy, he only needs to compare it to the one he got a year ago.

RESIGN, BUCKINGHAM! RESIGN! You're a spineless old hack, and even Freida Demapan and Tina Sakisat had more guts than you!

Anonymous said...

totally corrupted CNMI politicians also law staff.lets investigation and bring them right place(monkey house)also AG.shame shame AG/governor