Fitial Crashes Party

November 10, 2011

Governor Fitial has attacked foreign workers, members of the U.S. Congress, every U.S. department and agency you can name, Democrats, Independents, his former Covenant Party members and now that he re-joined the CNMI Republican Party, he's going after some long-time Republican Party members. Some loyal Republicans are understandably upset because the governor not only slithered his way back into the CNMI Republican Party, but without all party members being notified, staged an election where he was declared CNMI Republican Party president.

Criticism against the governor has been strong. Many accuse the governor of making a backdoor deal with the former Republican Party President, former Governor Juan Babauta. Just like his sleazy deal with Abramoff where he exchanged an expensive lobbying contract for the speakership now he is accused of exchanging the GOP leadership for Babauta's appointment as the executive director of CHC.

House Minority Leader Joseph P. Deleon Guerrero said that many of the Republican lawmakers and general party membership were not notified of a meeting where changes in the bylaws were made and the governor was elected Party leader. He questioned how many members were at the meeting and was quoted by the Marianas Variety as saying,"If the majority of party members were at the meeting, it was unlikely that they would have voted for Fitial."

The Saipan Tribune reported:
House minority leader Joseph Deleon Guerrero (R-Saipan) said yesterday that instead of strengthening the GOP, Fitial essentially chased out those who have been loyal to the Republican Party.

“Did he bring in more or chased out more? Is GOP really gaining? I feel betrayed, and I am not the only one. Our supporters also feel betrayed by party officials,” Deleon Guerrero said.

He questioned how Fitial and his core group could promote unity when they failed to give courtesy to Republican incumbents about a meeting and amendments to bylaws.

Deleon Guerrero, a longtime Republican, likened Fitial to a military leader who betrayed and abandoned his troops, only to lead them again.

Rep. Ray Tebuteb (R-Saipan) said yesterday that Fitial's betrayal of the party he's now leading is disenfranchising a lot of loyal party members and supporters.

“Betray me once, shame on you. Betray me twice, shame on me,” he said.

For those silent Republicans who share his sentiments, Tebuteb said he wishes that “they would at least state their point, whatever they feel.”
The governor's response to the criticism? "Let them drink milk?" (Sounds kind of like, "Let them eat cake." We all know what happened to HER.)

He claims that members of the GOP National Committee "congratulated him" on his new position.  From the Marianas Varitey:
Fitial said as part of the GOP tradition, he was congratulated by a lot of Republican National Committee members and officers when he was elected CNMI party president.

“It is a standard that when someone becomes the state chairman of the party of course they contact you, they congratulate you and they give you all the necessary documentation,” he said.
 I doubt that "a lot" of U.S. Republicans even know Fitial, and those that do probably do not want to be affiliated with a Republican who carries the baggage that this unethical and self-serving governor carries –the Abramoff-connection, the dishonesty, the disloyalty, the corruption, the anti-fed agenda, the misuse of federal funds, the endless scandals and on and on.  Maybe a few of the old Abramoff pals who survived the scandal like Rep. Don Young (R-AK) remember his name, but I would guess probably not in a good way. I would also guess that no one in Washington, DC is racing to be "pals" with Fitial.

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