South Carolina Sued by US DOJ

November 1, 2011

South Carolina joins Arizona and Alabama in a growing list of states being sued by the Obama Administration for their immigration laws that preempt federal law. The USDOJ is reportedly also looking at immigration laws in Georgia, Utah and Indiana and may also being suing those states.

CNN reported:
In a written statement, Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday his department will not hesitate to challenge laws that interfere with the federal government's enforcement of immigration.

"It is understandable that communities remain frustrated with the broken immigration system, but a patchwork of state laws is not the solution and will only create problems," Holder said.

Justice Department officials argue that South Carolina, like Arizona and Alabama, places burdens on federal agencies, diverting resources away from high-priority targets such as those suspected of terrorism, drug smuggling and other criminal activity.
Perhaps the CNMI will be added to the list. Read the latest piece of work that was reportedly penned by Siemer and Willens:


Anonymous said...

This "2011 CNMI Labor regs" are basically the same thing as before, just adding things from the past from the early years that had been dumped or not followed over the years while adding some of the "Kaipat regs"..
A couple of problems will be access to property without a court order such as quarries and warehouses and construction sites..
Another is that it seems that a person from Labor will try to act as an OSHA inspector.
They are not authorized access and and have no specialized training.
It seems like in the past this Govt. is trying to give police powers to idiots.
I had this years ago with them breaking into barracks at night, breaking locks etc.
Another area is the "registration of all aliens"
I can see some possible constitutional legal problems with this.
There are many other "requirements" but this is like in the past, if there is any enforcement it will be selective only and the workers will still end up being screwed and bribes being solicited.
Also how, and by what authority does this Govt, Secretary or hearing officer have to enforce any of these directives? (laws)

While some of these regs might be good, if they were enforceable, they will only apply to a few and will further burden an employer with undue paperwork and interference by this incompetent Govt.

Is a contract required by the Feds? NO. Is a contract required for US workers? NO
All paperwork for CW is taken up by the Feds. and has nothing to do with this NMI Govt.
This is putting a burden on employers, best to move the business out of the NMI or just close completely.
Are there any Feds regs concerning employment transfer of CW between companies?

I think that I will just retire and close instead of putting up with this incompetence burden within this NMI Govt.
It is bad enough because of the economy, now this, if it passes.
Never mind I have had it and will cancel all Fed. paperwork for the CW workers and offer a ticket home if they want and give notices to the US workers.. Effective end of the month. Merry Christmas. Blame this Govt for your loss of jobs.
I can now move away.

Anonymous said...

Have Rep. Demapan take his drug test!!! go go go and let's see who you are!

Anonymous said...

Noni 4:18 hits it right on the head. Another CNMI business owner (and hirer of both CWs and US citizens) speaking up here. This really takes away my will to do business in the CNMI. Oh, I'll still do business. But not in the CNMI. Have fun paying bribes to all the new "inspectors."