To the Foreign Workers of the CNMI

November 16, 2011

Have you been trying to collect a tax or stimulus checks from the CNMI Office of Revenue and Finance? If you are one of these allegedly many foreign workers who have attempted for years to get your  tax refund or stimulus checks, but all you have gotten is an evasive response, please email me:

I am trying to collect evidence of how many foreign workers are owed back checks from Revenue and Finance.

If you are owed back wages you should have contacted the local and/or federal agencies to report the wage theft and to attempt to collect your back wages. If your back wages are from after 2008 and you have a copy of an administrative order or any correspondence with a local or federal agency, and still have not received your back pay, please contact me.


Anonymous said...

Wendy, you are opening a big smoke! this is good and have them punish especially those thieves inside the Finance Dept.

Anonymous said...

this will not be a relief from deportation nor a reason to be granted parole in place or any other type of parole DHS has been clear on this issue. prepare people hiding your head in the sand isn't going to stop the inevidable..

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Fed state that they would bring the person(s) back if needed in these types of cases? These people should be paid what is owed them regardless if they have to leave or stay. They should also get interest on this although I doubt if they would be able to get interest on the money not paid by the NMI Govt. but maybe it would be possible to get it on wages (plus costs) Good luck on this, it would he a big help, down the line for many that would have to leave.

Anonymous said...

i wanna wish in advace merry christmas to all workers and local citizens. i hope your all wish come true through X-mas.X-mas on the way guys lets wish for all good human being and pray for them to have good life.if i dont have its fine lets they have what they deserve.please do not selfish or greedy your self.its an human nature by will not win never. lets pray for all.may god bless to all human being.amen.