To The Foreign Workers of the CNMI

to join your fellow foreign workers
and their families
in a celebration of friendship and solidarity
November 21, 2011
from 2:00 pm to 6:00

Bring food to share if you can, join us in breaking bread if you can’t.

We invite you to celebrate our unity. We came from many countries, speaking different languages, having our own customs and religions. Over many years and decades we have become one: united in solidarity, joined by mutual hardships, and bonded in one fight for justice.
We are the foreign workers of the CNMI.

We invite you to celebrate our accomplishments. We dedicated years and decades of our lives to serving the CNMI as hard-working and proud laborers. We contributed our skills as laborers, teachers, nurses, mechanics, accountants, cashiers, maids, clerks, farmers, engineers, entertainers, and professionals.
We are the foreign workers of the CNMI.

We invite you to celebrate our friendship. We join hands in our appreciation for each other’s generosity and gifts when we’ve needed help. We remain strong allies in our fight to collect our stolen wages. We are linked by mutual experiences, good and bad, that cannot be broken or forgotten.
We are the foreign workers of the CNMI.



Anonymous said...

don't rely on this people. DHS is required to follow the law of CNRA which makes the plan to eliminate the CWs as they currently exist. Remember CW visas will no longer exist in three years. If people haven't become H1-b or other visa categories by then even the CWs will be going home. If you don't have one petitioned for you by 11-27 don't sit around out of status there is nothing good that comes from violating federal law. No one can hire you while you are out of status YOU MUST BE IN LAWFUL STATUS to qualify for a CW. USCIS isn't going to issue parole to look for an prepared DHS will put you into proceedings if you recently violated your status. That is considered a recent entrant..... make your choices but don't complain if you are put it deportation proceedings ask all those who have been deported if it worked for them.......

Wendy Doromal said...

3:02 I'm guessing that you meant to place this comment under the post above? The CNRA intended to have no foreign workers under the guest worker program by 2014 because it was assumed most would have their permanent residency status. There is also a provision in the CNRA that directs the DOI to write a report recommending status for the foreign workers and directs the US Congress to respond to that report. The Congress has failed these people. There was no bill introduced to grant status to the foreign workers.

You could also cite intent of US laws that do not allow illegal aliens to enter the US. The foreign workers in the CNMI entered legally and the US will place them out of status when the clock strikes 12:00 on November 27th. Can there be a stupider law or a more incompetent way of implementing a law?