Truth Slamming Fitial

November 1, 2011

It is refreshing to see some people shoot down the relentless flow of nonsense that spills forth from Governor Fitial and his allies.

The governor questioned the authority of Attorney Loida Nicolas-Lewis who merely informed the CNMI's foreign workers of their constitutional and due process rights regarding removal or deportation procedures. She truth slammed Fitial in remarks made to The Marianas Variety:
". . .the governor may have forgotten that the U.S. Constitution “provides that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.

As a general attorney of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (now called Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for many years, I know that the governor is mistaken when he was quoted to have said that overstaying aliens can be deported right away.

Every person has the right to the due process of law, and ICE, with whom the governor says he is working with, would have told him that ICE cannot just pick him up and put him on the plane back to his country without ‘the due process of law.’ ”
Attorney Nicolas-Lewis said that every alien who is found to be out of legal status has to be given a notice with the date of an immigration court hearing. At that hearing the alien has the right to present their case stating equities including length of legal stay, years of paying taxes, years of living and working in the CNMI, clean criminal record, immediate U.S. citizen relatives, etc.  Even if a judge rules for removal, the alien has the right to appeal.

Hopefully, this knowledge eases the stress of the foreign workers with no money for airfare and no other place to go since after 20 or 30 years, the CNMI is their only home.

This lady has a good grasp of what Fitial is all about. She stated: “That is the ‘due process of law’ that is the bedrock of democracy in the United States of America. I hate to conclude that the governor probably thinks CNMI is above the law and is not part of this great nation.”

Well,  yes the governor does think that he is above the law as he has demonstrated over and over and over and...

Another CNMI Covenant Party lawmaker, Rep. Ralph S. Demapan, suggests that the foreign workers who are unemployed should leave the CNMI before November 27th. Perhaps he would also like to ask their former employers to pay for the airfare and also to pay the wages that they are owed?

Demapan suggested that the jobless foreign workers are subsidized by the CNMI. He said, “for jobless foreign workers to continue to stay in the CNMI and be “subsidized” by the CNMI government without contributing to the community is not fair.”

The CNMI government has no local social service programs and certainly none that subsidize foreign workers. The only CNMI social service programs that are available only to U.S. citizens are federally-funded programs such as the food stamp and Medicaid programs and no alien qualifies for them.

Demapan may want to remember that the legal, long-term foreign workers have paid taxes and fueled the CNMI economy for years and decades and continue to do so.


The Saipan Blogger said...

...and that the government is a leach living off the blood of the private sector and federal government.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Ralph S. Demapan is an idiot and no experience person. What does he think that the CNMI government is the one providing local social service programs. They are not even paying federal taxes for all available social services being provided in the CNMI. Another clown! everytime they talk it will go back to them why? because they are also useless.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why Labor’s employment services director Alfred Pangelinan told reporters that yesterday’s job fair at the multi-purpose center in Susupe “marks a new era”. He said that 5,000 locals have registered on CNMI Labor’s website and are looking for jobs that are expected to become vacant soon when some aliens leave and then local workforce can have available jobs. Gee! the reason why they leave is because they do not have job, so where is the take over there? haha politics!