USCIS to Host Employer Sessions

November 11, 2011

News Release

USCIS Hosts Employer Q and A Sessions
Employers-Only Sessions to Review Form I-129CW

SAIPAN, CNMI — U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) District Director David Guilick will host three sessions this week for EMPLOYERS ONLY to respond to questions about filing the Form I-129CW Application for CNMI-Only Transitional Worker.

The 2-hour sessions will be held at the the National Park Service’s American Memorial Park indoor auditorium in Garapan. They will begin at 10:00 AM on November 14, 15 and 16. Seating is available for 110 employers on a first-come, first-served basis. The sessions will feature a review of the form and instructions, followed by a Question and Answer period about the Form I-129CW.

Mr. Gulick will host these sessions in response to the many questions USCIS has received about Form I-129CW. The sessions are designed only to discuss Form I-129CW with employers to help them better understand what the form is asking for, so that they file petitions by November 27 for workers who need to continue working when the transition period ends and current authorizations, such as umbrella permits, expire. There will be no opportunity to discuss other topics during these forums.

Mr. Gulick will explain the form and provide examples of the kinds of evidence that can be submitted with a petition. However, he will not provide legal advice of any kind. This means he will explain what the form is asking for; he will not tell employers what to write in the blanks on the form.

Only employers are permitted to attend these sessions. USCIS will hold public session via web conferencing, so check for announcements. USCIS is the agency within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that handles immigration benefits. More information can be found at, by calling (800) 375- 5283 or by making an InfoPass appointment to speak with an officer at the USCIS office in Saipan.

WHAT:    Form I-129CW Q and A sessions for EMPLOYERS ONLY
WHEN:    Monday, November 14, 10 AM – 12 noon, Tuesday, November 15, 10 AM – 12 noon, Wednesday, November 16, 10 AM – 12 noon
WHERE: American Memorial Park indoor auditorium, Garapan



TAGLISH said...

Funny how these officials react on problems, who supposed to be thinking solutions with some in-depth analysis of the situation. Seeing now the inflate qualifications as the problem. Grow up kids!
All these, I blame US citizens here! Why? Because, they let all these things to happen. Actually, they’re eyes and ears are still close. They don’t exercise their rights to the fullest! They just let these politicians run their lives. Is it because of lack of education? Part of the culture or just plain ignorance? In other parts of the world, from a single cent hike on prices to change in the existing laws, etc. they protest, they demand explanation, they exercise their rights as citizens. They gather as one to protest, to show frustrations. They’re so brave to face tyrants. On this island, nothing, nada, wala!!! Your tails are all curl up! Very frustrating to see, of course, crocodiles here are taking advantage of this. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE OF US CITIZENS?? Obviously, these problems are here not because of CWS nor EMPLOYERS. Unlike the US CITIZENS, they don’t have any right! They are just following the laws. And who made these laws? US citizens, has anyone of you question this government when they opposed to implement wage increase? Has anyone of you bothered to analyse its effect on your future? Poor decision of your government hits you most, don’t you realize that, not CWs nor businessmen. HELLOOOO!!! Now, who do you think should care most, CWs or businessman? It’s not CWS nor businessmen fault!! CWS and businessmen are not the enemy here. You, US citizens are misled by your politicians. You are are being used for their their political stability. They failed to give you concrete solutions. Give CWs rights and they will do things you can’t do. I assure you, they will protest, they will demand, they can face hurdles, pains and humiliation to get right things done! And this is the only reason why the scambug won’t let this happen. Their solutions have been tested many times already and proven worthless. Demand something feasible and effective that will benefit everyone on this island! Otherwise, next generations of Saipan residents will suffer the most.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ, Taglish. In the U.S. most prices are determined by the free market. Americans, CNMI- & mainland-born alike, generally understand and support this, eschewing the sort of food-price riots common in the Third World. We understand that seemingly "favorable" economic political interference is ultimately bad for society and culture.

The nature of the CNMI's problem is economic, not political -- except to the extent federalization was enacted without adequate study or preparation.

Re-read the McPhee report. It predicted everything that is happening now.

Anonymous said...

CWs wouldn't protest either if they depended on government employment. By the way, exactly what have the CWs' protests achieved?

I support the CWs' mission, but I think their methods are ineffective. Yes, gathering in the public square and holding up cardboard signs is what they know from the Philippines, but I don't think it's helping them here.

Anonymous said...

You are right taglish when you say US citizens here allows these things happened, and maybe lack of education too which makes people close their eyes and mouth, never come to think that they will be affected soon too.

Anonymous said...

2:27 The CNMI problems are primarily political, and are also economic (Created by the politician's policies) and social. The Mcphee report was paid propaganda to promote the Fitial policies.

Anonymous said...

"It's not politics.....It's family business as usual."