To the Foreign Workers of the CNMI

to join your fellow foreign workers
and their families
in a celebration of friendship and solidarity
November 21, 2011
from 2:00 pm to 6:00

Bring food to share if you can, join us in breaking bread if you can’t.

We invite you to celebrate our unity. We came from many countries, speaking different languages, having our own customs and religions. Over many years and decades we have become one: united in solidarity, joined by mutual hardships, and bonded in one fight for justice.
We are the foreign workers of the CNMI.

We invite you to celebrate our accomplishments. We dedicated years and decades of our lives to serving the CNMI as hard-working and proud laborers. We contributed our skills as laborers, teachers, nurses, mechanics, accountants, cashiers, maids, clerks, farmers, engineers, entertainers, and professionals.
We are the foreign workers of the CNMI.

We invite you to celebrate our friendship. We join hands in our appreciation for each other’s generosity and gifts when we’ve needed help. We remain strong allies in our fight to collect our stolen wages. We are linked by mutual experiences, good and bad, that cannot be broken or forgotten.
We are the foreign workers of the CNMI.



Anonymous said...

let's not bother the busineses there at the TSL Plaza and USCIS. If we block cars and make a mess no one is going to appreciate us doing them. Could not we do it somewhere more open so people will see us? the beach side there not in the open and if we all over the lot the police may say we a problem... what about thos of us who have keep work for job or kids in schools

Anonymous said...

Funny how USCIS rents out office space owned by Tan Holdings the same company which was criticized by the same Federal Agency for human rights abuses. Did CWs build the TSL Plaza? You gotta love the irony!

the teacher said...

It is a terrible location for a rally for many reasons...just my opinion.

There is no parking except on TSL private lot, there are no toilet facilities except that building, there is no running water to accomadate any type food oriented functions, there is little visibility from Beach Rd, people or cars packed there certainly hamper business, it is, or will, dare DHS to address the matter...which is foolish (again in my humble opinion), and TH has showed patience in this matter which must be wearing thin.

To block a man's business, according to Gandhi, is "an act of violence no different than throwing a brick through his window".

Highlighting this case may hamper the passage of HR-1466, so if I were a foreign worker with a US citizen child, I would act invisable for awhile.

If you want try something more productive, send your letter to the 9th circuit court explaining why the CNMI was undeniably US soil, hence your 20 year stay here was 20 years in America. This will not mean anyone will pass out green cards, but it could possible qualify some to apply for an improved status given the time worked in the US.

Wendy Doromal said...

10:03 It's not a rally. It's a gathering at the place that the workers selected to gather. Their decision.

In no way will the workers' gathering delay HR 1466. The bill doesn't address ALL foreign workers -only 1/4- and any delay will be because the US Congress does not function. It's pretty obvious that few members of Congress have the slightest clue about the plight of the foreign workers, the history, or the true situation. They are fed pieces of the reality by self-serving politicians and others pushing to maintain the status quo; those who want to keep the workers second-class, disenfranchised and disposable.

ALL foreign workers, including those without a US citizen child or spouse, who have worked in the CNMI for years and decades can stand up for themselves and their families. Now is the time!