No More Exits Without Full Pay and Back Taxes

December 12, 2011

Not one more foreign worker should leave the CNMI without first receiving every penny of their back wages and every penny of back taxes and stimulus checks. Thousands are owed back wages. Thousands are owed back CNMI taxes and stimulus checks.

What has the CNMI Government done with the money that it owes these taxpayers? Edwin G. Mendoza is one foreign worker who wants his tax rebate and stimulus money totaling $800. He said that he has paid his taxes regularly. He needs the money that is owed to him. The money belongs to him. The CNMI Government must release it!

The Saipan Tribune reported on the rebate owed to him from the 2010 tax return that he filed jointly with his wife:
Edwin G. Mendoza, who works as a security officer with G4S Security Services, during an interview showed a copy of the letter he personally delivered to the Department of Finance requesting for the immediate release of over $800 in stimulus and tax rebate.

“My daughter called and informed me that my mother is in the hospital and is in serious condition,” Mendoza wrote in his letter stamped received at Finance Secretary's Office on Nov. 22.

In one of the numerous phone calls he made to the Finance to follow up his emergency request, Mendoza was told, “It's disapproved” without any explanation.

“I don't know why they would disapprove my request considering it's an emergency,” Mendoza told Saipan Tribune. “That's why I want to expose what Finance is doing. I want to know why they're delaying the release of my check when it's my money. Even the stimulus is federally funded.”
Mr. Mendoza said that there are many who are in his position. I have heard from some of them. I will be writing to U.S. officials to see what action they can take to force the CNMI Government to release the tax rebates and stimulus money.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the employer the one to complete the documents and pay the fees? Why did they even keep these people on after November 28th?