Some Things Cannot be Erased

December 19, 2011

As the CNMI economy sinks to depths approaching the Marianas Trench, what is the CNMI House of Representatives voting on? Not raising revenue, not reducing crime, not cleaning up the island to attract tourists and investors. They voted unanimously on a bill to expunge criminal record, voting to reject but "fine tune" the bill.

From the Marianas Variety:
H.B. 17-52, or the Restoration of Rights and Expungement Act, will erase the records of criminal offenders so they can be “responsible citizens who can hold office” again.

The measure will allow an ex-convict to petition the court “for a restoration of his or her rights in the case of a felony or expunge all records in case of a misdemeanor.”

Once expunged of his criminal records, the ex-convict can work in the government and run for office.
Such a despicable and corrupt CNMI mentality. Must have made all of Fitial's felon friends and Representative Ray Palacios who was arrested for trafficking methamphetamines so happy. Reminds me of how the CNMI Department of Labor announces every so often that all past labor cases are magically erased.  Tomorrow perhaps they will discuss how to erase the memories of the voters.


Anonymous said...

Another Fitial scheme to get his pals elected even if they are former felons Any creep will do as long as they vote his way. The scariest thing about this is that the NMI voters will elect these guys.

Anonymous said...

what else can be expected from a group of people who are mostly functionally illiterate.