Florida Primary Campaign Ads

January 28, 2012

I am counting the days until the Republican primary is over in Florida and we don't have to look at these candidates' faces on the television every 10 minutes. The attack ads are relentless on every station. (Unfortunately, I have been spending way too much time watching television since I got the flu.)

The Romney attack ad with Tom Brokaw runs every 15 minutes or so on every station. NBC has demanded that Romney take it off the airwaves. (Please!)

To fight back Gingrich put out this footage attacking Romney, saying he was a player in a Medicare fraud scandal. This is probably not a message that will help Romney get Florida votes.

Then again, the voters elected Governor Rick Scott, the king of Medicare fraud, so who knows. That issue was covered in this attack ad where Romney transforms into Rick Scott, the governor with the lowest approval rating in history:

I don't know or care what the outcome of the primary will be or what impact the ads will have on the primary election. I do know that the ads have been helpful to one person, and that is President Obama.

I miss my granddaughter's favorite ad:


Anonymous said...

I'm with your granddaughter. The Geico ad is the best! Those candidates will rip each other apart and Obama will win in the end.

Anonymous said...

"Those candidates will rip each other apart and Obama will win in the end."

You mean exactly how Hilary Clinton ripped Obama? Amazing what short term memory Democrats have. Those attacks by other Democrats against Obama were vicious. These words come to mind: "Amateur, naive, dumb, inexperienced, freshman, dangerous, etc, etc, etc. What Democrats should be worried about are the attack ads by the GOP runners. They are serious about being nominated to win back the Country and defeat Obama. Plunging employment, food stamps, housing market crash will not help the Obama Administration.