Obama Urges Pathway to Citizenship for Undocumented Aliens

January 25, 2012

In President Obama's State of the Union speech he again called on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform that would provide undocumented aliens a pathway to citizenship.

President Obama said:
Let's also remember that hundreds of thousands of talented, hardworking students in this country face another challenge: the fact that they aren't yet American citizens. Many were brought here as small children, are American through and through, yet they live every day with the threat of deportation. Others came more recently, to study business and science and engineering, but as soon as they get their degree, we send them home to invent new products and create new jobs somewhere else.

That doesn't make sense.

I believe as strongly as ever that we should take on illegal immigration. That's why my administration has put more boots on the border than ever before. That's why there are fewer illegal crossings than when I took office. The opponents of action are out of excuses. We should be working on comprehensive immigration reform right now. 

But if election-year politics keeps Congress from acting on a comprehensive plan, let's at least agree to stop expelling responsible young people who want to staff our labs, start new businesses, defend this country. Send me a law that gives them the chance to earn their citizenship. I will sign it right away. (Applause.
Of course, even if the useless 112th U.S. Congress ever got it together to stop fighting and actually did introduce comprehensive immigration reform, racist CNMI leaders would want a bill that makes "special" provisions for any of the foreign workers in the CNMI –legal or illegal– so that they can maintain their complete political, social and economic control of the islands.  I can see them pushing a CNMI provision in a comprehensive immigration reform bill similar to H.R. 1466 that excludes most of the CNMI's legal foreign workers and provides an inferior, un-American status to the 1/4 with a U.S. citizen relatives.

President Obama's remarks contrast with those of leading GOP candidates who have avoided the issue of immigration unless asked the question in a debate. Previously, Romney alienated voters when he said he would veto the DREAM Act, which is supported by 91 percent of the country's Hispanic voters. In Florida's first GOP debate in Tampa, Romney drew laughs from the audience when he stated he would like "illegal immigrants to self-deport."

For his part, Gingrich said he would only support undocumented aliens earning citizenship only if they served in the military. He added that he would veto a DREAM Act that allowed a pathway to citizenship for undocumented alien children who completed college.

About one quarter of Florida's residents are Latinos. President Obama won 57% of the Hispanic vote in Florida in the last election. Protesters outside the debates support comprehensive immigration reform and vowed to be at the debate in Jacksonville.


the teacher said...

GOP members don't support a generous type reform. Dems are in favor but split due to much union opposition. The fact that the President took 57% of the Latino vote alone proves many (43% ?) who aquire citizenship no longer support a liberal policy(meaning after their own swearing in cerimony).

I honestly believe only two things will help the status of existing former GWs in the NMI:

1. HR-1466
2. Broader US reform that may include the CNMI, but is still unlikely to help CW workers.

Anonymous said...

Pathways = Do the paperwork and pay the fees. Quit begging for something you have not earned.

Anonymous said...

Not earned? Really? Like when the US granted the CNMI residents US citizenship with no pathway, no earning?

Anonymous said...

I think there was a thing called a war in which many lost their lives to say the least. Citizenship, lets see, oh yeah, Saipan is now part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (a U.S. Commonwealth). Earned it? Again, every elder knows of at least one family member that died fighting for freedom along side by side with the U.S. I have not heard of anything called "The Commonwealth of the Philippines. Oh, thats right, there is no such thing. That is still an independent country, NON U.S.CITIZENS.

Anonymous said...

Noni 7:48 Yeah, there was a war called WWII and thousands of Filipinos and others gave their lives too. What's your point? If Chamorros "earned" citizenship coz a relative gave there life in WWII, then then every alien in the NMI earned it for putting up with the hell of working in the NMI.

Anonymous said...

Again, you omit facts that you can not deny. The CNMI is part of the U.S. We are statelike. Yes, your people defended Your country. That does not entitle you to have citizenship in any of the allied countries. Oh, by the way, how many CW's went to Iraq or Afghanistan to fight alongside of our military? Probably a few but not many as non U.S. citizens can not be part of our Military that defend our country EVERYDAY.