A Story To Touch Your Heart

January 25, 2012

The Boy Who Dreamed to Be With his Parents on Saipan, a book by Riza Oledan-Ramos can be purchased HERE on Amazon or HERE at Riza Ramos Books.  The 46-page book was written by Commonwealth Health Center nurse, Riza Oledan-Ramos who is from Cabucgayan, Biliran, Philippines.  The book is illustrated by Rodante Guarda, with photography by Nelson Paqaduan. It was compiled by Walt F. J. Goodridge and edited by Heather Linday.

The story is about young Emmanuel Ramos who lives with his aunt, cousins and grandparents in the Philippines. His mom and dad work on Saipan and his dream is to be reunited with them.

The author states on her website:
"Every day in the Philippines and around the world many parents are leaving their home country to find work elsewhere to give their children a better future. I, for one, am one of these parents. My brother and brother-in-law also work in foreign countries, all with the same motivation: to gain a better life for us and our children. 
 This is a story not just for Filipino children, but for all children in the world with a mom or dad living far away, who in one way or another have had the same experiences as my son."
Read more about Riza and this special children's book at Riza's Website, Riza Ramos Books. I just ordered the book and I can't wait to read it!


The Saipan Blogger said...

I just ordered a copy, too.

Anonymous said...

Sure, bring all your relatives over. We can just rename Saipan "Mini Manila". Saipan has become more slum like with all the tin shacks and junk yards from the contract workers. No wonder no tourists want to come.

Anonymous said...

Blame Tan and Fitial if you don't like OCWs. They brought them here.Tourists don't want to come coz of too much crimes and better places to visit. Did the OCWS leave abandoned garment factories filled with rats?

Anonymous said...

who give birth on saipan to that boy who dreamed to live with him parents?main person to blame his parents and also usa born birth system 4 foreigner....???its sucking human being,,,,no human right at all like an gulf countries,,,better is gulf nation atleast can make lots of bucksss then usa sucking hopeee,,,but still love u usaaaa no idea why??amen