Fitial Peddles His Xenophobic BS in Washington, DC

February 23, 2012

Governor Fitial took his racist agenda to the nation's capital. In a press release from the Governor's Office, Fitial described a meeting with Food and Nutrition Services Administrator Audrey Rowe and senior management team members. The press release stated:
The governor emphasized strongly that the local government is currently not in a position to undertake the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP. Instead, he brought to FNS' attention concerns about unemployed nonresidents, and about particular populations of illegal overstayers who give birth in the CNMI so that their children are U.S. citizens. In turn, the unemployed and out-of-status parent avails of food stamp benefits in the name of the newborn citizen child. While the governor believes that children should have access to nutrition, he is gravely concerned about increased reports of abuse of benefits, or what is known as “benefit trafficking,” by unemployed nonresident parents who are believed to be trading their child's food stamp vouchers for cash or for products not allowed under the program's guidelines. Fitial pointed out that this underground economy is harming not just the integrity of the program, but also legitimate businesses and beneficiaries who follow the rules.

To combat this illegal practice, Fitial asked FNS to implement more stringent measures that would ensure that illegal nonresident parents are not given access to the vouchers that are supposed to be for the nutrition needs of their children.
Is he serious? How dare him state that certain nonresidents are or have given birth to their children for the purpose of collecting food stamps? How can he accuse certain nonresidents of "benefit trafficking"?  Did he not notice that there are generations of "local" people who have existed without jobs by raking in the benefits provided by U.S. taxpayers? Are they "benefit traffickers" too?

Did he seriously say that "illegals" are trading their children's food stamps for unauthorized products? But not the other recipients, right, genius governor? If there is an underground system does this official seriously  believe that it is only abused by "illegals"?

Fitial asked FNS to "implement more stringent measures that would ensure that illegal nonresident parents are not given access to the vouchers that are supposed to be for the nutrition needs of their children." Where is the EVIDENCE that any of the "illegal nonresident parents" have used food stamps for anything other than food?! Is this just a racist accusation?

Where is the data? Who are these people who the governor has labeled as "illegals"? How many are there that anyone should be alarmed?

I wonder if this hateful governor told the officials that his definition of an "illegal" is not the same as the  USCIS definition. Fitial wants only foreign workers with CW permits (The permits that most of the foreign workers have not received from USCIS yet) to be eligible to collect food stamps for their U.S. citizen children. There are nonresidents that Fitial refers to as "illegals" who were granted parole or have other legal status.

While the CNMI NAP Office has the authority to establish policies for identification, they cannot establish discriminatory policies, as stated in the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008.

What does this disgustingly racist governor have to say about the foreigners who came to the CNMI to have a U.S. baby under the baby tourism scheme? How about the alien parents who delivered a seriously ill child in the CNMI to obtain U.S. citizenship and sought a referral for the U.S. citizen child paid for by the CNMI and U.S. taxpayers? Do the baby tourist agencies have valid business licenses in the CNMI? Nothing to say about that, governor?

Is it the governor's plan to attack the foreign workers on every front? Attack them with racist legislation, allow their thieving employers who stole money from foreign workers to walk free, fail to prosecute their rapists and murderers, and starve the foreign workers' children?

The governor also asked the Administrator to restore the $4.5 million that the CNMI lost in unspent funds that was to be used for an electronic benefit transfer system.

The press release continued to take political jabs at Delegate Sablan:
In regards to the issue of SNAP, Rowe indicated that she had informed CNMI Delegate Gregorio Kilili Sablan that the agency still needs to see “a lot more data” to determine viability of implementing SNAP in the CNMI. She also informed the delegate that FNS still needs to review the current structure of the nutrition program in the CNMI and the MOU that is in place for the CNMI. Fitial was surprised to hear these remarks from Ms. Rowe, primarily because Sablan has made no mention of Rowe's concerns in his campaign to have the CNMI switch over to SNAP. . . 
. . .In reference to SNAP, Fitial told the FNS officials, “I support increased benefits for our residents, but I will never commit the local government to a program that carries requirements that we will not be able to satisfy.”

The governor pointed out that Sablan and other members of Congress should focus their efforts on improving economies and creating jobs for people instead of promoting dependency on welfare programs and creating more “welfare states.”
Yes, by all means the FNS must review the CNMI NAP Office, investigate the discriminatory practices, determine how all federal funds have been managed and spent, and review policies for disseminating food stamps with preference to providing food stamps to U.S. citizen families and U.S. citizen children with U.S. citizen parents or those of employed foreigners. The FNS should also take the time to report if this federally funded agency supports starving U.S. citizen children based on the status of their parents. I want to know and I will be contacting FNS Administrator Rowe for answers.

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Anonymous said...

this Gov screw my day, lucky it's my payday. I have kids and never avail of NAP. Remember years ago that NAP coupon have been traded in to cash to use for beers/pokers/non-food etc. by the locals, that is why they change that policy to not accept the coupon if it is non-food products.

Anonymous said...

If it was not so tragic it would be funny.
Every time this idiot opens his mouth he comes out with more stupid remarks.
Although there are abuses by many nationalities, the locals are the biggest abusers.
Go to any small store that accepts food stamps and "hang out" and watch the under counter deals on food stamp day. Cases of beer and chicken.
Follow the cars and most wend up on the beach or someones backyard.
I know many CW's that buy food stamps from US, on average, 50% of face value. This gives the food stamp recipient cash for non covered goods and gives the CW more food for their table with less money.

TAGLISH said...

I think it's high time for this governor to be reminded about the Ten Commandments;

"Do not murder."
"Do not commit adultery."
"Do not steal."
"Do not testify falsely against your neighbor."
"Do not covet your neighbor’s house. Do not covet your neighbor’s wife, male or female servant, ox or donkey, or anything else your neighbor owns.”

For you, Mr. Fitial. Please find sometime to reflect, vow your head to your Creator.

Life is so short, you might not be given chance to correct your mistakes!

Anonymous said...

this guy is always attacking the aliens. He will go after their kids to hurt them. What a scumbag

Anonymous said...

Interesting. The Obama Administration has deported more aliens than George Bush. US Citizen children and their mothers have been sent back to Mexico and other countries in South and Central America. The deportations number in the tens of thousands. Of course you NEVER these facts from Liberals. No way. It sounds too gestapo too Republican. Fitial has every right to ask these questions and demand due process. After all, Federal Law is Federal law, is it not? Or were people making things up as they went along hoping for blanket Green Cards or outright Citizenship?

Wendy Doromal said...

anonymous 11:20

I have published statistics on this site including deportation statistics.

Political party affiliation has absolutely nothing to do with human rights. It is a serious human rights violation to implement policy to starve U.S. citizen children based on the race or status of their parents. Only a truly evil person would propose such a policy.