Justice for Emie

February 14, 2012

Photo by Itos Feliciano ©2012

Hundreds of friends, family, religious leaders and residents of all ages, from all segments of the Saipan community came together to remember Emie at a memorial walk, fundraiser and candlelight service outside of Godfather's Bar. Emie Romero worked at Godfather's for three years before she was brutally murdered last week.

All collected donations will go to Emie's two children who live in the Philippines. Donations are being accepted at Godfather's Bar and you can donate online HERE

May her killer be brought to justice and may she rest in peace.

Thank you to Itos Feliciano for the photos ©2012.


The Saipan Blogger said...

Thank you, Wendy. I've received over $800 in online donations, and I think they collected about double that at the vigil.

Anonymous said...

You know on a different note here, this whole thing must be frustrating to many of these elected and others that usually sit around Godfather's everyday solving talking about solving the worlds problems. Now so many people they can't get anybody to listen and buy them drinks.

I am curious though if any of these elected have donated anything? Either towards the reward, or towards the fund raiser.
Only seems like one (Stanley) has even made any comment on this tragedy.