More Violence, Unreported Cases on Saipan

February 21, 2012

On Valentine's Day Lee Jesse Omar Reyes stabbed his common-law-wife. Would he have stabbed this woman if the courts had given him a stiffer sentence for the domestic violence and child abuse after he was prosecuted in 2009?

In 2009 he threw his one year old baby son on a bed and then again threw the baby "out the door." At that time the OAG charged him with six counts of assault and battery, three counts of child abuse, and two counts of assault with dangerous weapon, when he slapped and threatened to kill his wife with a knife.

In June 2010 Reyes received a ridiculously lenient sentence, as is usually the case for CNMI sexual abusers, wife and chil beaters and other violent men. Superior Court Judge Robert Naraja sentenced Reyes to four years in prison, but suspended all years, except for five months with credit for time already served. The judge placed Reyes on three years and seven months supervised probation for the remainder of his suspended sentence. He received no jail time.

Perhaps if he had been in jail after the first offense in 2009, he would not have been free to stab this woman on Valentines Day.

In another report, Alfred Demapan was charged with attempted first degree murder, aggravated assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, two counts of attempted robbery, and conspiracy to commit robbery for a December 29, 2009 incident. The charges were filed in January 2012, three years after the crime. The Marianas Variety reported:
On Dec. 29, 2009, according to the charging document, Demapan attacked one of his victims using a hammer, while attempting to rob the two victims. 
The charging document was filed on Jan. 23, 2012, and signed by Chief Prosecutor Peter Prestley.
Talk about justice delayed. The only reported robbery on that day was of a Chinese taxi driver and a Chinese passenger who were brutally attacked by two men in an attempted robbery. The victims described the attackers as "locals".

At least charges were filed in the case. No charges were ever filed in the case of Jesse Dubrall former rogue cop who brutally beat an innocent foreign worker in a sting gone wrong.

Friends and family of a recent rape victim and Emie Romero who was murdered over two weeks ago are calling for justice. The case has been reported in the Philippines by ABS-CBN News.


g00$e said...

Jesse Dubrall is not a former rogue cop, he's a current rogue cop who still works with the CNMI Department of Public Safety (officially assigned to another agency), still receiving full pay and benefits.

g00$e said...

The Omar Reyes story is just the latest in many decades worth of awful stories, but is domestic violence against children a deeply ingrained part of CNMI culture?

Smacks of racism, I know, but what about the folk story of Taga, who had to flee his jealous, murderous father? And how about the tale of Sirena, eternally cursed by her own mother?

And are we guilty of helping to perpetuate this abuse? The Taga and Sirena stories are taught under the CCLHS program as lessons in respect and obedience to one's parents in the CNMI public school system.

What kind of parents should we expect children who are taught these lessons to become? What kind of judges?

Anonymous said...

In 2000 the current DPS Commisioner in a rage of anger beat a census taker over the head with a 2X4. The poor man was in intensive care for a long time and suffered severe brain damage. Eventually his family brought him back home to the PI. Nothing was ever done to the attacker no charges no punishment...Nada.

Anonymous said...

Confirmed! Mafnas on a party trip to the PI with his buddy Joe.

Wendy Doromal said...


If what you are saying is true about Dubrall, then the DPS should not receive one more cent in federal money. Shame on the USDOJ and the FBI for not pursuing the crime against the innocent Chinese worker who was brutally beaten by a punk cop, a cop supported by the OPA and defended pathetically by the equally shameless and corrupt AG to the detriment of the victim and public.

What some commenters say here is so damning that we should question why the public hasn't demanded reform and the removal of all corrupt, criminal and violent personnel from these offices? Better to do so now before another becomes a victim. Before you, among those who sat silently and watched the corruption, become the next victim in a never ending list of unsolved or unpunished attackers.

1:20 If Mafnas actually beat a census taker with a 2x4 why didn't the victim go to the press when the DPS did nothing and the OAG failed to prosecute? Why is this violent man heading the DPS? Where is the outrage?

4:16 Who is Joe? There is an unsolved murder and rape (I am talking about only the recent ones made public. Who knows? There could be others.) and Mafnas has left the island?

g00$e said...

Dubrall is currently employed by the CNNI government. I believe he's officially assigned to the Office of the Public Auditor (is that ironic?) but is in fact working out of DPS's Criminal Investigation Bureau facility on Capitol Hill.

Dubrall was deeply involved in joint CNMI/Fed task force investigations for a long time, and is a survivor's survivor who is not afraid to wave evidence of wrong doing in the faces of high ranking government officals who threaten his well being. His considerable technical skills, especially surreptitious audio and video recording, have served him well during the past decade.

At least two former DPS commissioners (including the hugely obese one) tangled with him and quickly learned that he plays by different rules, and thereafter left him alone.

Anonymous said...

The current DPS Commissioner certainly plays by his own rules.
Many CW's are terrified of him.

Anonymous said...

to the person commenting and writing about the omar reyes story..well Reyes did not stab his common-law wife and your getting things mixs up. and perhaps ask the questions about Reyes common-law wife??? why did she go back to him? isnt it that stupid enough. it happens this time and the other time she is back with common law wife grow up! why would you go back to him if it happen the first time you should just be a single parent.