Please Help: Missing in Saipan

February 6, 2012

Two days ago I heard from a friend that a foreign worker who works in a club in Saipan was raped last weekend by a man who followed her home from work. I did not see anything in the papers. I am hoping this incident is being investigated and an arrest will be made.

Yesterday I heard that one of the bartenders of Godfather's Bar was believed to have been kidnapped. If you have any information or heard anything about this incident, please contact Crime Stoppers immediately.

The DPS press release states:
On February 5th, 2012, at about 5:45 pm, Police received a report of a missing person. Emerita Relata Romero, age 37, was last seen at approximately 3:00 am getting into a green or blue sedan which traveled south, by Garapan Market, Garapan. 
Emerita was wearing a grey sleeveless blouse with a flower on the left corner, black shorts, and sandals with jewels. Emerita has a slender build, 5'3" tall, 100 lbs, long straight brown hair, and brown eyes. 
DPS and Crime Stoppers are seeking help from the public. Please contact the Crime Stoppers hotline at 234-7272 should you want to remain anonymous or use our website Crimes stoppers pays up to $1,000.00 for any information leading to an arrest. It pays to call. 
The Department of Public Safety has issued this release. Please repost to your blog, Facebook, and Twitter: 
Please, if anyone knows anything about the incidents contact Crime Stoppers immediately.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately since this involves a CW this will not be a priority with DPS. Same as the reported rape.
DPS does not seem to even do much when is involves a local victim.(unless connected)
From the past DPS personnel do not even have the knowledge to process crimes let alone a rape.
The CHC most likely does not even have a rape kit, as has happened many times in the past with Tinian and it's DPS.
The other day there was a letter to the editor from a home owner about a car that "turned up in the drive way" abandoned with a flat tire.
Seems they gave DPS the lic. # but had not heard from DPS or the owner of the car.
This makes many wonder just what DPS is actually doing when they are not even capable of tracking a Lic.# on their computer.
Now we have another missing person, an older female.
I fear the outcome of this, if she is ever found.
I also doubt that the person involved in this incident is connected to the sisters that disappeared as they were little kids.
But maybe the person involved maybe involved in the other rape.
But as many have stated many times, until these crimes affect one of the connected families really personally, this justice system will continue on the way it has been going with the cops doing nothing in many cases and when someone is eventually caught, the AG pleading cases away to nothing, and the Judges letting these repeat offenders loose.
The biggest problem is that many of the criminals belong to these Connected families.
With the FBI involved in this case there maybe a chance to closure, hopefully.
Also if the person is caught, they most likely would face Fed charges. (hopefully)
I wish this lady and her family well, hopefully she is being held somewhere, alive.

Anonymous said...

sad but true. i can only offer prayers to the victims, and prayers that there would be no more victims anymore. God help us.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to inform you that her body has been found. God grant strength to her family and friends. Please pray for her and her family in this difficult time.

And may the person who did this be promptly found and taken off the streets.

Wendy Doromal said...

This is horrible. My heartfelt condolences to her family and loved ones.