Saipan Club Worker Raped

February 9, 2012

As reported here earlier this week, a 25-year-old female club worker was raped on January 29th, a week before the murder of Emie Romero, who was a bartender at Godfather's bar.

The rapist was described as a young, clean cut, thin, local male.  The Asian woman said the attacker knows her and she fears for her life.

The rapist followed the woman into her apartment after she left work, took a knife from her kitchen and raped her by knife point. She managed to wake up her roommate who called 911, as the rapist beat her and then dragged her down the stairs to the street in an attempt to kidnap her. A bicyclist who witnessed the incident started shouting and the rapist fled before the police arrived. The victim was taken to CHC.

The Marianas Variety reported:
The incident happened in the early morning of Jan. 29, 2012, a Sunday. The woman says that since then, she has been living in fear.

“He knows me. He has not been arrested,” she added.

“His eyes were red and yellow,” said the woman, who believes the rapist was on drugs.

“I don’t know what will happen to me. See what happened to Emie,” she said, referring to Godfather’s bartender Emerita Romero, whose body was found on Tuesday.

The woman said she later learned that the rapist had been stalking her.
The Saipan Tribune reported:
The suspect fled the scene in an older model yellowish gold Hyundai Accent four-door sedan. He drove north on Plumeria, made a right turn to Micro Beach Road, and traveled east toward the Fire Station-Beach Road intersection.

The car continued east without stopping at the three-way stop at the Garapan Fire Station, and made a right turn on Chalan Pale Arnold (Middle Road) where the witness lost sight of him.
The DPS is asking the community for information, almost two weeks after the incident that was not reported in the press until today. Why now? Why not immediately after the rape was reported?

Hopefully, the rapist left fingerprints on the knife and in the apartment and the DPS processed the crime scene. Hopefully, the club where the victim works has cameras or someone will remember seeing a local man fitting this description in the club, especially since it was reported that he was stalking the woman. Someone commented in a previous post on this site that the CHC did not use a rape test kit on the victim. I hope this is not true. May there be justice in this case and in Emie's case.


Anonymous said...

Soon every bar and club will close. Who wants to work in these places where stalkers and rapist search for their prey. Way to attract tourists...

The Saipan Blogger said...

I believe posting about it on your blog had something to do with DPS coming out with the information.

Anonymous said...

Since someone had e-mailed Wendy about this rape, I would strongly suggest that for anybody that knows anything that is truly newsworthy to e-mail MV editor.
Zaldy is very good at "checking it out" and if it is newsworthy he will pursue it.
I and sthat I know feed him information.
Some things he uses other he holds on to until it is appropriate, but in the case of a rape, I cannot speak for Zaldy, but I am almost sure he would send someone to investigate and do a story on it. If nothing else but to alert the community to be on the look out.

Anonymous said...

The victim said on MV, the rapist is a local male. This is Saipan and so local rapists are _______.

Anonymous said...

DPS cannot "dust" for fingerprints or collect DNA samples - DPS cannot conduct anything but a beat down. CHC most likely assumed the woman was a hooker and she got what she deserved, same with DPS. That's why no rape kit was done.

Anonymous said...

During the "garment factory era" lots of anecdotal evidence indicated there were many rapes in the barracks by managers and co-workers. The attitude of DPS at that time was "What happens in the factories stays in the factories". Seems this attitude has been perpetuated out to all CW's after the end of the sorid era of the garment industry in 2007.