Saipan Tragedy

February 7, 2012

The search for Emerita "Emie" Relata Romero, beloved mother, sister, daughter, and friend, was called off yesterday after the FBI found her lifeless body in the northernmost part of the vacant La Fiesta Mall in San Roque.

On Sunday morning Emie went missing after she finished working at Godfather's bar around 2:30 a.m. The Marianas Variety reports:
Natalie Ocon, Godfather’s cook, was first to be dropped off and Romero second, who lived nearby on Chichirica Ave.

Ocon later phoned Romero to ask if they could meet and exchange bags they had mixed up in the taxi.

As Romero strode toward Ocon’s home she reportedly shouted “wait, wait” to the driver of a blue gray sedan parked on the grass close to St. Michael’s Emergency Medical Services at the corner of Chichirica Ave. and Kadena Di Amor St.

When Ocon asked Romero who was waiting for her in the car, she replied, “My Bangladeshi neighbor.”

After exchanging the plastic bags, Romero walked toward the parked car that was facing south.

“What’s that?” Ocon quoted the driver as saying to Romero as she sat down in the front passenger seat.

The car turned around and proceeded east by Garapan Market according to Ocon’s statement.
I assume that the FBI has questioned the "Bangladeshi neighbor" who must have been one of the last persons Emie was seen alive with on Sunday morning.

It was reported that after 3:00 a.m. Emie made a call to 911. Her only words were "Marianas Resort" and then the call went dead. I assume the DPS immediately went to check out this area?

Emie's brother, Eduardo Relata, and sister, Lhet, also are foreign workers in Saipan. My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends.

This is a heartbreaking story. So many tragic stories coming from the CNMI end with tears and no resolution. I hope that the person who did this to Emie is caught and will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Maybe the monster that did this to Emie was not a repeat offender, but Saipan has become more and more unsafe because most criminals are not severely punished in the CNMI unless they are tried in federal court. They receive sentences tantamount to a slap on the hand, write an "I'm sorry" letter to their victims and are back on the street in a short period of time (or they serve no jail time at all). How many dangerous convicts are running free on Saipan because they were given ridiculously lenient prison sentences or pardoned with the blessings of relatives or political allies in high positions?

Isn't it time that the people of the CNMI organize to protest the lack of enforcement of laws, failure to investigate cases, failure to prosecute offenders, unresolved cases, lenient sentences, and early parole or pardons for dangerous criminals? When will people protest convicted felons working in high positions in government offices or oppose monuments that honor felon officials, among others?

A cop brutally beats an  innocent foreign worker and the CNMI Attorney General declares that it is "within the scope of his duties"; rapes go uninvestigated and unresolved; assaults and other crimes are ignored (especially if the victims are foreigners). Do people only care when it happens to them or to their families or friends? Where is the outrage? Saipan is not a safe or a peaceful place, despite what residents claim. The community should unite now to demand change in the name of Emie, the missing Luhk girls and the other hundreds of victims of unresolved and senseless crimes committed in the CNMI. 


NoSaipanFool said...

Crime in the CNMI will get worse and worse until the Judges learn to ignore family connections and race in snetencing. Too many folks in the CNMI get disgustingly light sentences. Our jails have a revolving door system. But no change will come about in Saipan because the folks in power makes the rules. Only when some judge or politicians family memeber gets murdered will real change take place.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct. The next thing I see coming, and I really can not disagree with it as I might even go that route is to take justice into your own hands. I know that sounds like a vigilant, but touch one of my family members and see. Even if sent to jail for a short term, there is no statue of limitations for a crime against my family.

Anonymous said...

How many more tragedies need to happen before a change in police investigation takes place, death in the family of high officials, government executive?

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace. Condolences to the family. Justice to Emie will mean an arrest.

Anonymous said...

Prayers to the family and for Emy. KSPN said she was brutally raped and killed. Look what sex offender lives above Garapan Market. Could begin to look there.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully since the FBI found the body, proper procedures were followed and the scum will be caught.

If he is a local then we may never know. Locals have failed to come forward in the rape of the 9 year old girl a few years back-that sick @#$% is still on the streets. The Lihuk sisters the same thing. There are many more cases where locals do not speak out against their own. The sole exception was when that local guy killed japanese tour agent and his nephew or cousin ratted him out. Now, that was wonderful to see.

Anonymous said...

`well we the people put this officials where their at right now. was it the promisses they make or was it because their family, friend, or from the same village? Well one thing is for sure we did this and one way to change this island back to the way it was, is to eveluate the officials better be-4 we ellect and put the trust in them. Lets not wait for another criminal to walk free, let us reevalute this island inside out let us make a better tomarrow for our family, friends, neighbors, and everybody that was a victim, is a victim, and us ( might be a victim).

Anonymous said...

The voters are related and retain judges that let other family members that ain't going to change this year.

This is a terrible thing to happen and I hope they catch the monster who did it. I think law enforcement has more to go on in this case than the sisters due to the body and pics of the car, so he will get caught.

I hope the facts coming out don't upset the family, as they may not be pretty.

Many come to Saipan with spouses in PI. They often take on a new spouse or companions. They also hook up with sailors for pay. All here say she wasn't married, didn't have a boyfriend, and didn't date around, and that would be quite unusual here.

Anonymous said...

What do we expect from an administration that appoints an alcoholic as DPS and Corrections Commissioner who is seen stopping vehicles on the streets and citing them for traffic offenses while he is drunk or denies inmates medical attention if they allege that they were beaten by police for no reasons? What do we expect from an AG who would rather defend the illegal release of a Chinese woman to perform god knows what for the governor on the eve of his taking the oath of office to uphold the laws of the land or brings frivilous criminal suits against the wife of the OPA who has the ethics to find the AG violated not just one law but two very clearly written ones?
What do we expect from an administration that has the Governor attacking nuns who testify for the normalization of immigration in the CNMI or a Lt Gov who still calls these nuns traitors to the CNMI?

This place is in the toilet so someone please flush it.

Anonymous said...

no matter friends, family or co-worker of a murderer..!! its never right to protect someone that does not deserve to be protected, if they have the ******** balls to murder then they shouldn't be afraid to face their mistake and take full responsibilities for their F***en action. . and i totally agree about the justice system here on the CNMI.. connection is all that matter here.. as long as you kno someone thats on a high position then u can get away from any murder or rap... thats so unfair that should immediately be stop.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rest in peace emie and i pray to god that that person thats responsible be caught and be punish for his mistake.....!!!!!!!!

Capt said...

In the past, a particular case involving the three that brutally murdered the CW security Guard at one of the schools were caught.
So in this thought, since a body was found, (by the FBI)and some other info was available about a car and driver, I have hopes that the person(s) that did this will also be caught.
Now as to what sentence is imposed upon conviction, that is another story.
That will depend on the family name and if this can be tried in Fed court. Maybe the Kidnapping charge may apply if the Feds will charge that.
But even if this is tried in our Saipan Fed court, the sentence will also depend on the family name because of our local Judge presiding.

BTW I cannot remember the actual sentences for each of those three people involved in that brutal murder.
It must not have been significant as it would have been out of place and memorable.
BTW I also do not take much credence in the comment this lady made in response to the question of the driver of the car being "her Bangladeshi neighbor" especially when the witness said she heard a person with an American accent in the car.
A person with an American accent could be any Nationality that has lived and been educated in the US.

Anonymous said...

The boys who beat the security guard to death were arrested and prosecuted before BenTan, Bucky and Mafnia took office. don't hold your breath with this bunch of racist, evil pigs.