Search for a Killer

February 8, 2012

Perhaps the last words heard from Emie Romero were "Marianas Resort." These are the words that she spoke after calling 911.  It is not clear if police were dispatched immediately to the resort area after receiving the 911 call, but the La Fiesta Mall located near the resort is where the FBI found her body. According to a news report the FBI turned the case over to the DPS:

I am not sure that employees of the DPS have the skills to solve this case. Emie's last words were "Marianas Resort", but the DPS-organized searches seemed to concentrate on tourists areas in the Marpi region far from the clue that she left in that 911 call.  Thankfully, the FBI had the smarts to search the area where the victim suggested she was as she cried out for help.

The DPS is an agency that has a long history of abuse, incompetence and corruption.  Hopefully, the department will vigorously pursue the case and find the dangerous killer.

Usually, when a horrible act such as this hits a small community, the leaders (i.e governor, legislators, mayor, etc.) immediately issue statements of regret and condolence, as well as revealing their intentions to employ all means possible to capture the perpetrator and restore calm to the community. Oddly, the only public statement issued days after the kidnapping and murder has been from the Philippine Consulate.

Update: The Saipan Tribune reported that on Wednesday Lt. Governor Inos expressed his condolences to the family and "assured that the administration would see to it that justice will be served in this case." The Marianas Variety reported that Governor Fitial made a statement Wednesday also:

Fitial said he and Inos “are calling on the community to be vigilant and more alert in everything that happens around them.”

“Our hearts go out to the family of Emie Romero. I want to assure them and the public that DPS and other response resources are actively investigating all leads in this latest tragedy,” Fitial said.

“This is a very alarming development for us as a close-knit island community. We must all be vigilant neighbors to one another. There is no room for such heinous criminal acts in our islands,” the governor added.
Representative Stanley Torres also expressed sadness and it was reported today that he and his wife attended the Mass held Monday night where people gathered to pray for her to be found safe and well.

Bridge Captial, LLC and Pacific Amusement announced that they are each offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case. Resident Patricia Garshak offered a $500 reward. Hopefully, this incentive will inspire those with even the smallest tip or any relevant information to notify authorities.

Contact law enforcement agencies to report any information about the murder of Emerita "Emie"  Romero:

Crime Stoppers and DPS: Call 991, (670) 664-9001 or (670) 234-7272.

F.B.I.: Call (670) 322-6934


Anonymous said...

It isn't a surprise that the NMI leaders said nothing publicly until asked by reporters for comments. They probably don't even know that they should calm the community that is in fear of another maniac on the loose. They probably don't understand that Emy is a legal guest in the United States and this is an international incident whether they like it or not. At least they said something 3 days after her disappearance. Now I want to know was the 911 call just ignored?

Anonymous said...

not only it seems that the 911 call was ignored but I read a police car was in pursuit of the speeding vehicle as it headed north but "lost it"..? a girl was beaten and raped in Garapan the previous week or so. CHC failed to do a rape kit on her.
And people say this is one of the safest places.....???

Anonymous said...

The girl who was raped should get an attorney now. Why didn't CHC follow procedures? Where is DPS on this? Is she safe? Could this be the same person who killed Emie?

Anonymous said...

The car was chased by a policeman who did a u-turn to chase them but backed off and lost them. You can't fault the police for that, as it's not prudent to follow an nut case at 100 MPH, especially when he didn't know any other crime had been committed. Emie likely called 911 during that pursuit and the 911 operator didn't forward the info to the police, and did not follow up the chase eventhough it was the general area specified in the call.

What a terrible thing to happen.

"Marianas Resort" was uttered, which is 1.5 miles past where the body was found on the N end of La Fiesta. So he probably drove out toward Marpi or Wing and then dumped her body on the way back.

Anonymous said...

DPS has no rapekits? Yet look at the new truck!

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised at all! We can cry the whole day, complain all week but this government doesn't care at all!