Another Fitial Fit

March 30, 2012

Who wasn't waiting for retaliation after Lt. Governor Inos announced that the Covenant Party was backing Delegate Gregorio Kilili Sablan in his re-election bid? Here comes the first wave.

Governor Fitial cut the Rota budget. The people of Rota should not have to be the victims of this vindictive dictator's wrath. Hopefully, they remember what nasty bullies the governor and his allies are when they vote this November.

The Saipan Tribune reported:
Fitial's budget cut for Rota comes amid his spat with Senate President Paul Manglona (Ind-Rota), who has accused the governor of not having an economic recovery plan and of playing politics.

Fitial had described Rota and Tinian senators as “stupid” for rejecting casino gaming on Saipan and that remark spawned a word war between the governor and Manglona.
Senator Manglona is correct. The governor has not taken leadership on an economic plan and is playing politics. Fitial supports Saipan casinos even though the voters twice rejected the idea. He wants to cram the casino plan down everyone's throats and expects Manglona to support his plan or to be punished.

Senator Paul was quoted by the Saipan Tribune as saying:
"The Retirement Fund crisis started when Fitial's political party in 2006 passed and signed legislation to suspend government employer contribution to the Fund."

“We don't hear the governor addressing the concerns of the Retirement Fund, CHC, CUC, CIP, and other critical issues. But we always hear him talking about politics. That is why I stand by my statement that if he cannot focus on critical issues and restore 80 hours for employees, he should just let Lt. Gov. Eloy S. Inos take over his post. Inos being a financial expert will at least focus on what's more important than politics.”
Fitial's ally in the casino vs. no casino battle, Rep. Froilan Tenorio went on KSPN and declared that Manglona intended to run for Lt. Governor in 2014 and did not want casinos because he did not want the CNMI to be prosperous under the casino plan. How stupid does Temper Tantrum Tenorio think the voters are?

Have a Fit Fitial and his buddy Temper Tantrum Tenorio make quite the dynamic duo. Both are determined to have casinos on Saipan, most likely because the pair of ultra-opportunists has an opportunity to fill their pockets with some investment deals that they are pursuing. The pair will destroy anyone who stands in their way.

Senator Paul is asking for Fitial to step aside and allow the Lt. Governor to lead the CNMI. He believes that the self-serving governor is more interested in heading the CNMI Republican Party than in leading the CNMI. He is most likely correct.

The Second Wave
Fitial requested the resignation of Public Land Secretary Oscar M. Babauta and Department of Public Works Secretary Martin Sablan. Babauta is the present campaign manager of the Covenant Party and Sablan is the party's second vice chair.

Fitial's letter read in part:
“I have always believed that in order to fully achieve my administration’s goals and objective it is important to ensure that members of my cabinet share the same principle as well. In this regard I would like to thank you for your service and contribution as secretary. I further seek cooperation that you submit a courtesy resignation to my office no later than the close of business tomorrow."
Who believes that? This governor does not have solid goals and objectives to benefit the CNMI, and if he does he sure has and is keeping them a secret. He has not based his administration's actions on ethical principles. He does not understand the concept of loyalty except that he demands it from his followers and voters. This governor is a political tyrant who serves only one person –himself.

Have a Fit Fitial is a governor who has absolutely no principle, no loyalty and no plan for the future of the CNMI. He is steering a sinking ship, a ship that is sinking because of his lack of leadership and skill. In fact, it was Fitial who steered this ship into the reef and has put it on auto-pilot while he runs the CNMI Republican Party and tends to his own political and financial interests.

If 139 courageous change-makers can sign a petition to oust bully Mafnas, why can't the voters take action to recall the bully governor who is more interested in traveling, shopping for casino investors and addressing his own political interests than in the well-being and prosperity of the CNMI?


Anonymous said...

Fitial is so bad that he couldn't do anything that would surprise me now. He's also very bold and he's gonna make a mistake and land behind bars. Mark my words.

Capt said...

I have been thinking the same thing as 7:54am.
It does seem that Fitial is getting bolder as time goes by.
Maybe it is the Feds. that are watching and figure if they give him enough rope, he will make a big mistake and hang himself. I hope that is what will happen.(sooner than later)

Over the years, of all of the many places around the Pacific and Asia I have been and read about bad leaders, Fitial is the most deserving to be incarcerated (or worse)

The time is "ripe" for these elected to do something to remove this guy.
The biggest problem is that the Gov. control the majority of jobs on the Island so the people are herded like sheep by an overzealous "sheep dog".(Fitial and Associates)

The stifling and delay of the mandatory raise in minimum wage was only one step to keep the populace under control by keeping the 5k+ Govt. do nothing jobs attractive to the "followers" while driving the NMI economy into the abyss.
There will never be any "rise up" from the people. They are too scared of their jobs and even don't trust the people at the polls.
Many think that they will be "found" out if they vote against what they were told and them and any family will be terminated from employment.

Any action will have to start from the legislature and that is very improbable as those elected have a history of "do unto thyself, before all others"

Maybe, just maybe, if enough of the present elected are replace this mid term, by "new" faces, many may start something to oust Fitial because they may put the blame on him for their failure at their own re-election bid.
If at that time something is started it may get the support of the newly elected which will bring many of the current Govt. employees in.
But I have slim hope of that transpiring.
I think the best hope is that Fitial will make a "Big" mistake and get a Fed. indictment, and conviction.
It is unknown just exactly what, if anything, the Fed are watching on this clown.
But if nothing happens there won't be anything left by the time Fitial leaves office.

Who knows, maybe by Fitial cutting Rota's budget, may bring Sen. Paul to take action on gaining support for Fitals ouster.

Anonymous said...

When corrupt people piss off enough people, the former friends become enemies and tell all. He'll be thrown in the slammer if he keeps this up. Bet Paul has some mud on him.

Anonymous said...

He is not called the "Teflon Governor" for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the real "relationship" between Fitial and Inos is right now.
Since Fitial can't "fire" Inos, maybe things will "flare up" enough to really infuriate Fitial so he does something so really stupid that it will also "infuriate" the people enough to rise up.(but as long as these people have Govt. jobs they are hiding under the bed)
Or the Lt. Gov could legally replace him as legally incompetent.
But I don't know if there are provision in the NMI laws to be able to do that.

Wendy Doromal said...

2:05 If people haven't risen up after driver-gate, massage-gate, gun-gate, election-gate, ARRA-gate and all the other underhanded schemes that Fitial has engaged in, why would they rise up for anything else?They will talk and complain, watch and complain some more and do absolutely nothing. The people of the CNMI voted him in even after all the damage he had done! Fitial will only be stopped by being prosecuted for a crime. He will never step down.