CNMI Caucus Makes National News

March 9, 2012

Governor Fitial was on KSPN talking about his endorsement of Republican presidential candidate  Mitt Romney and the upcoming CNMI caucus.  So the governor does have an opinion on some issues and can show up to respond to them. Other issues, like the collapsing CHC, CUC, PSS and the Retirement Fund, are usually addressed through the governor's Angel.

Meanwhile back in the mainland, the CNMI made national news. Once again, the island nation was featured on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show.

Maddow talked about candidate Romney's habit of "liking" something connected to the state in which he is campaigning. In Michigan Romney spoke of his like for cars; in Tennessee he liked Davie Crockett, in the south he liked grits. Maddow wondered if Romney would be liking kelaguan and finadene since the Guam caucuses were approaching.

Then she noted that Matt Romney visited the CNMI and highlighted the photo of Romney and his wife with Carolinian dancers pictured above. Maddow connected the CNMI to who else –Jack Abramoff. Up went a map of where some distant caucuses would be held tomorrow and there was Guam, the Virgin Islands and the CNMI with a photo of what the CNMI is famous for –Jack Abramoff and the sweatshop scandals. (love his woven fedora)

Would Romney be so pleased with an endorsement from Fitial if he knew about the governor's background and his involvement in scandals like massage-gate, election-gate, Covenant-gate and, of course, the governor's backdoor Abramoff-Tan deals? Would Romney approve of the governor's relationships with felons like those he placed in positions of power in his cabinet? What would he think of the governor's relationships and choice of allies as evidenced by his former lieutenant governor, felon Tim Villagomez and his U.S. felon buddies, including Jack Abramoff and former Rep. Tom DeLay? Romney may not care as long as he gets those CNMI votes for the nomination. After all, his son Matt compared Fital and his father's business experience, noting both politicians came from business backgrounds. Does Matt Romney know that Fitial's business background is with notorious Willie Tan of garment factory and lobbying scheme fame?

In a phone call that KSPN filmed and aired, Romney told the governor that he looks forward to meeting with him.  The governor should not get too excited about Romney's polite, "I look forward to meeting with you" nicey-nice, courtesy phrase. Fitial's bad boy, corrupt, sleazy reputation is well-known in Washington political circles. Never-the-less, Fitial flashed his Cheshire Cat smile throughout the KSPN broadcast.

From KSPN's March 9th broadcast, it looks like the governor and his Republican friends enjoyed a day of partying at the governor's "mansion" with music, dancing, food and drink. How fun! Somehow the image of Nero fiddling while Rome burns comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

Guam also made the news with every single delegate backing Mitt Romney. Unemployment has reached a realistic and staggering 18% nationwide. Our space program was sold to China. Obama's ultra left wing supporters netted billions in wasted stimulus money. Radical environmentalists pulled Barack's strings to cancel the Keystone Pipeline project. What will Liberals do when President Romney takes office? You will see them walking around in a daze, confused and hating American even more than ever. The Abramoff scandal is old, old news. Give it up already.

Anonymous said...

Noni 10:47 The unemployment rate is 8.3%, not 18%
Our space program was not sold to China
and pipeline would result in another environmental disaster. You give it up.

Anonymous said...

Does Mr. Romney or the National Republican Committee know that one of the delegates supporting Mr. Romney is a convicted (heroin) felon? Did Governor Fitial tell the Romney kids of this?

Does the GOP condone having felons select its presidential candidate?

Anonymous said...

Which delegate (or alternate) was convicted of a heroin felony?

Has anyone ever been convicted of a felony involving heroin in the entire history of the CNMI? I have never seen an opium poppy anywhere in the Marianas.

This sounds like much of the typical groundless CNMI-bashing that is so prevalent on this blog, and tends to lessen the credibility of any meritorious constructive criticism that may be brought to light.

Wendy Doromal said...

7:56 I also wondered which person the commenter was referring to. I too have never heard of heroin in the CNMI.

As for CNMI bashing, my criticisms are always backed up by documentation. I will continue to criticize until there is reform and justice for those being abused and bullied. I am, after all, contributing my share of taxes to foot the bill. As a US citizen, I believe it is my duty to point out violations of ethics as well as violations of the law.

Anonymous said...

7:56, Diego Blanco one of the delegates to the convention is a convicted felon. How do you like a convicted felon choose a candidate for the President of the United States.

Wendy Doromal said...

What was he convicted of?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully someone can provide the case number of his federal conviction.

I frequently comment about the rash judgment and slander posted on some of the CNMI-related blogs, but am informed and believe this allegation to be well founded. It's unlikely to have been for heroin, though. (!)

Do the Republican National Committee bylaws have any provisions on convicted felons serving as delegates or alternates?

This could make a good national news story if properly fact checked.

Capt said...

In regards to Diego Blanco, I would think that if someone was to contact Zaldy at MV, he might be aware of any criminal case and conviction. The other thing would be to go down to the clerk of court and ask for a copy of criminal records on him and pay for the copy costs.(if any) I think I remember it was about $0.30 each page. (Tinian) I used to do this anytime I hired anybody.
I would compare their criminal record to their employment application to see if they wer honest. Especially the ones that had spent more time in Saipan as I would not be aware of any conviction there.

This is all public info. BUT with this Admin, the clerk of court might not give it to you or may just tell you no record. Depending on what side of the politics he/she is.