CNMI: Drowning in a Sea of Stupid

March 6, 2012

As critical departments and agencies in the CNMI crumble (CHC, CUC, PSS, the Retirement Fund, etc.), hundreds of thousands of dollars have been allocated for building a "Leadership Memorial Courtyard".  Once again, it is primarily the American tax payers who are funding the questionable project with ARRA funds.

I know that the American public would be outraged if they knew about this project. I am. Are the people of the CNMI outraged? If not, why not? Why aren't they questioning why they are drowning in all of the problems created by the lack of leadership of their elected officials who are to be honored by a memorial?

The memorial will reportedly contain the names of "leaders" from Saipan during various periods throughout the history of the commonwealth.

It seems that this a memorial to honor any person who is nominated by filling out a simple form. It looks like everyone or anyone can be considered as a "leader" in the CNMI. It was announced last week that so far 359 names of "leaders from post-war, pre-commonwealth and present eras will be engraved in the Saipan Leadership Memorial Courtyard."  Seriously, the tiny island of Saipan has that many true "leaders" that are to be memorialized?

More incredible is the fact that some "leaders" to be recognized may be as well-known for violating the law as they are for any contributions as "leaders".  The list of leaders includes Felix R. Nogis arrested for littering at the American Memorial Park and Tomas B. Aldan, convicted in a scheme to defraud approximately $6.6 million from the Bank of Saipan. The list includes former lieutenant governor and convicted felon Timothy P. Villagomez; Rep. Raymond D. Palacios who was convicted of drug trafficking; Oscar Rasa, accused of scamming a businessman in 2005 and a Nepalese worker in 2009; and Ignacio DLG Demapan convicted of taking an endangered species.

Only in the CNMI would convicted criminals have their names etched in a leadership memorial. Is this not insulting to any of the true CNMI leaders?

One of the people credited with "conceptualizing the project" is Felipe Atalig who was charged with misconduct in public office, disturbing the peace and assault and battery based on a sexual harassment complaint filed by a CRM employee. His name too is scheduled to be etched alongside some other felon "leaders".

Perhaps some of the victims will scratch out the names of the criminals. Or maybe the whole monument will be razed just like the monument of another leader, Saddam Hussein. More likely the memorial will eventually look like the La Fiesta Mall or one of the island's abandoned garment factories. What a disgusting waste of money that could have been used to help pay for electricity for the schools, or supplies for the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Really a joke! my stomach is aching that I can not stop laughing!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that monument is a waste of US Taxpayer dollars. Please don't leave out the hundreds billions in other AARA funded projects all over America that are not only questionable but were handouts from Obama to his closest supporters. Please don't leave out Pelosi's own pet projects that made her tens of millions of dollars. Hundreds of billions gone to waste.

TAGLISH said...

This is a SEA of stupid people!
Big mess all around here but where's the outrage? Nothing but on by spineless, cowardice people. Why not bring it on the street, march all the way up to the Capital Hills, denounce these morally corrupt politicians, remind them to serve the people not themselves!

Give CWs all the rights that residents here enjoy and they'll will exercise their rights to full extent. This is absolutely the reason why these politicians opposed. CWs have no blood ties with them. GIVE US THE RIGHT TO VOTE!

Wendy Doromal said...

6:00 Show me a specific example of where ARRA money in the states was used to celebrate people that includes those who are corrupt, those who brought suffering to thousands, those who support the oppression of thousands, those who are racist, those who are criminals, etc. A place where the people that caused the collapse of the infrastructure are labeled as "leaders". Where is this happening? Where is this place in the U.S.? Do tell. Show me another location that is as fiscally unstable, that relies on U.S. handouts, that has no taxes to raise revenue, where half of the adults are DISENFRANCHISED! WHERE IS THIS PLACE?

You know why there is no hope for the CNMI? Because too many people in the CNMI cannot accept that there is a HUGE problem, cannot say enough is enough, cannot acknowledge just how utterly horrible it is. Because the people there are YOU -people who ALWAYS try to justify the craziness, the corruption, and everything bad by attempting to justify it with unbalanced comparisons. Or people who FAIL TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY–people like you who BLAME others. You will sink further until the people rise up and put a stop to this corruption and outright stupidity.

Captain said...

Taglish; I have to agree with you on this. This is the very reason why these idiots from the connected political families (and their illiterate followers) do not want to have ANY outsiders in any substantial numbers to take a foot hold here in the NMI with voting rights.
One of the main reasons they strive to keep the wages low in the private sector is to discourage US Cit. to come and work here.
They keep the Govt. sector wages high as only people with the correct names and political allegiance will be able to work for the Govt.while controlling the votes and intimidating the families maintain control.
This is also one of the reason many try to keep Art. XII in effect.
With appropriate wages and people able to own land there may well be many that would want to leave Guam (and US) and come to the NMI to live and work as Guam is crowded.
Many with business in the NMI have set up operations in Guam and have downsized or put their operation in the NMI on hold.
Many others are also just awaiting an opportunity elsewhere to move on. This is also true for many of the locals. Many have left and are planning on leaving.

Anonymous said...

Solyndra for one (of many). Hundreds of millions in ARRA funds - wasted, squandered on far left wing gifts. Solyndra and many more never turned a profit and eventually went bankrupt. You can try and spin this but this is the reality. Even some Dems are demanding an explanation. Pelosi herself wanted an ARRA funded train to run directly in front of her multi-million dollar real estate developments (Pelosi is part of the 1% if you didn't know)

Anonymous said...

10:15 You missed Wendy’s major points.Perhaps you are unable to focus or comprehend? Focus for goodness sakes! Solyndra is not a memorial to honor fake leaders.CNMI has no revenue, takes as much US funds as it can, wastes them on stupid s**t instead of spending them on necessities, then declares emergencies and gets more. It’s one cycle that needs to be broken immediately.The CNMI should not be building this insane memorial. And that 10:15 is the point!

Wendy Doromal said...

Taglish and Captain -Spot on!
Anonymous 6:25 Agreed!
Anonymous 10:15 This is a post about the CNMI, a place where the residents pay no federal taxes, but are using federal funds to build a monument to honor "leaders" who may or may not fit that term. Slapping hundreds of names on a memorial dilutes the significance for any TRUE leader. ( I did see a couple of true leaders names on the list of hundreds.) Is this a critical need? Will it boost the economy? What will it accomplish? It is a stupid waste of money. MY MONEY!!!

Anonymous said...

Noni 6:00 and 10:15 This issue isn’t about the 1% vs. the 99%, the Republicans vs. Democrats, the liberals vs. conservatives, or the left vs. the right. It’s about useless NMI officials trying to elevate their egos at US taxpayers expense. It’s totally insane and that is the reality.

TAGLISH said...

My 11year-old son understand this post, and you don't? You absolutely swimming with these morons!

You will jump off the cliff because you saw someone did it!

People's needs should come first! Open your senses, my goodness! There's no reason to erect such piece of rock here! NOONE had contributed something worthy here. NOBODY has given his life to honestly serve the people here. NOBODY has been shot dead fighting for what is right, fighting for the oppressed, serving the poorest. NOBODY had the courage to even denounce these morally corrupt politicians.


Wendy Doromal said...

Taglish Can you email me and tell me how you're doing?

TAGLISH said...

6:00 and 10:15 my posts above are for you babies!

Anonymous said...

There is no Sea of Stupidity. The sea is just there. It is the people drowning in it that are stupid.

Anonymous said...

This monument is not just planned by Felipe! Nearly everyone on the planning is on it. Self servers who even will block a business entrance for this memorial to themself.