Covenant Party Endorses Sablan for Delegate

March 24, 2012

The divisions are widening.

Governor Benigno Fital had a major fallout with the Rota and Tinian Senators last week virtually ensuring blockage of much of his self-serving legislation in the weeks or months ahead. Then yesterday Lieutenant Governor Eloy Inos, the leader of the fledgling Covenant Party, announced that the party is endorsing Delegate Gregorio (Kilili) Sablan in his re-election campaign.

Inos and Public Lands Secretary Oscar Babauta said that endorsing Sablan is for the good of the Commonwealth. Inos noted that the delegate has been very successful in getting federal funds for the CNMI.  Inos stated that he wanted programs like the food stamp program and Medicaid to prosper and Sablan backs expanding those programs.

The move will surely anger Fitial who left the Covenant Party that he founded to rejoin the Republican Party in hopes of getting a Republican Delegate in Washington. Shortly after abandoning the Covenant Party Fitial managed to get himself crowned the leader of the CNMI Republican Party.  Fitial believes that the Republicans can provide more help to the CNMI than the Democrats, since the Republicans control the House (at least at for now). In the past Fitial worked with felon lobbyist Jack Abramoff to get unscrupulous Republicans to push his agenda in Washington, DC.

So far the CNMI Republican Party has announced no candidate for delegate. Sablan is listed as a Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives, but apparently runs as an independent in the CNMI.

A significant number, if not the majority, of the adult population of the CNMI has no representation as they are the disenfranchised underclass in the two-tiered society. The majority of the estimated 12,000 to 14,000 foreign workers have lived and worked in the CNMI for 5, 10, 20, 30 or more years, but remain voiceless and oppressed de facto citizens. Last year Sablan introduced legislation that would continue their disenfranchisement and restrict their travel.


Anonymous said...

Sablan is the best of the worst. He'll win with or without an endorsement,

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who the Covenant supports, kilili won in a field of 9 and 4 and there is currently no person to oppose him for Rep.

The Rota Senators will be back in the fold because they don't want Ben to target stopping the travel will see.

Wendy Doromal said...

7:08 I think you are correct!

Anonymous said...

Kilili runs as Independent here but is a Democrat in Washington. How is that possible? He sought out the Covenant Party for support or his wife wouldn't be standing with Inos at the Covenant rally. The pic is in the MV. Kilili wants to win at all costs even aligning himself with Covenant. Turns me off big time.

This can only create a war between Inos and Fitial and fire Fitial up. Fitial will put up a candidate. Maybe Lang or some other relic. Then he'll play dirty. Watch the fireworks.

Anonymous said...

A petition is now circulating for Governor Fitial to run against Kilili. They think Fitialk is the only one that can beat Kilili.

Anonymous said...

9:05 Fat chance of that. I doubt that Fitial could win any race where the populace has a vote.
But then again I guess it depends on how much he will spend to buy the votes as has been done in the past.
I doubt Fitial would chance a run against Kilili at the time when he leave office.
Fitial would be so scared of such an embarrassing showing.

Anonymous said...

I hope Fitial and Lang both is more fodder for the blogs.

Ben In (the Federal pen) in '12 said...

Oh God, please, I haven't been a religious man, but please let Ben Fitial run for office one more time, now that the Feds have jurisdiction over vote-buying and other forms of election fraud!